Key & Compass presents:
by Anssi Räisänen

Bugged is an ALAN 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2001 by Anssi Räisänen.

The conceit of this game is that your cousin has written a very buggy IF game that you are determined to play through to the end. Can you take advantage of the bugs in the game to get around the other bugs that are blocking your progress?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.2 of the game.


Cellar u Start-room SecondRoom ThirdRoom FourthRoom NorthernSide-chamber Ante-chamber ThroneRoom SouthernSide-chamber SmallGarden enter window


Note that this walkthrough contains many extraneous and unnecessary actions, to get a fuller experience of the game.

Also note that since this game was written in ALAN, you can only enter one command at a time. You can't separate or end your commands with periods in ALAN games.

> info. x me. i. x door. open door. knock on door.

> x window. n. x table. x dent. push dent.

> x drawer. x key. x apple. x flute.

> take key. take apple. take flute. (You can't take any of them!)

> take drawer. stand on table.

> take table. take door. s.

In what may be a bug within an intentionally buggy game, it's possible to empty the opened table into yourself:

> empty table into me. (You now have the key, apple, and flute!)

Second Room

> x torches. x chasm. x ladder. take ladder. (Can't take the ladder!)

> u. d. s. jump over chasm.

You can put anything you're carrying across the chasm! The key can span the chasm! However, only the door actually leaves your inventory.

> put door across chasm. s.

Third Room

> x suit. take suit. wear suit.

> x door. take door. (worth a try, eh?)

> x chesstable. x chessboard. x pieces. play chess. take chesstable.

> x levers.

> push fourth. push third. push second. push fifth. push first.

> s.

Fourth Room

> x door. open door. take door. x dragon. take dragon. kill dragon.

> x paintings. take paintings. xyzzy.

> play chessorplay flute.

> s.


> x princess. x clothes. x ornaments. x tiara. x ring.

> take clothes. (or ornaments, tiara, ring)

> x window. x door. open door. knock on door. take door. take hatch.

> ask princess about princess. ask princess about castle.

> ask princess about door (or guard). ask princess about apple.

> ask princess about chess (or king, queen). ask princess about dragon.

> ask princess about prison. ask princess about chasm. ask princess about suit.

There are two ways to go south:

(Note that the apple solution only works if you're carrying the apple directly or indirectly via the wooden table's drawer.)

> take princess. knock on door. s.orshow apple to princess.

Throne Room

In the next three turns, the king will enter and make a speech. You cannot try to talk or leave during his appearance.

> x guards. x king. x throne.

> ask princess about guards. ask princess about sceptre.

> sw.

Southern Sidechamber

> ask princess about ball. ask princess about garden.

> x window. x walls. climb wall.

> x fruit. eat fruit. take fruit. taste fruit. climb wall.

> x bowl. take bowl. x sidetable. take sidetable.

> u. take window. enter window.

Small Garden

Note that you can't bring the princess here. She stays behind, even if you were carrying her earlier.

> x ball. take ball. x flowers. take flower.

> x bushes. search bushes. x rope. take rope.

> kick ball. kick ball at window. kick ball at window.

> look. x sun. take sun. u.

Southern Sidechamber

> x lamp. turn on lamp. turn off lamp. (We can't turn the lamp on, but the sun will provide light for us.)

> ask princess about lamp. take princess. n. nw.

Northern Sidechamber

You can't really do anything here; I just wanted to show you what was here.

> x bone. take it. ask princess about bone. ask princess about rufus.

> s. w.


You can't bring the princess in here, nor take the dog out.

> x dog. x sceptre. x cobwebs. take cobwebs. take sceptre.

> take dog. empty dog. take dog. empty dog into me.

> e.

*** You have successfully escaped from the castle. ***




In the order you can acquire them in the game:

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