Key & Compass presents:
Buccaneer's Cache
by Wilfried Elmenreich

Buccaneer's Cache is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2021 by Wilfried Elmenreich (as "Frodewin"). It was an entry in PunyJam #1 where it took 8th place.

In this small game, you wake up in a pub's broom closet. If you can survive getting past the beast in the pub, try to find the three geocaches hidden around town and make your fortune!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Attic Roof BroomCloset Pub Balcony Uptown MainEntrance Insidethe well TownCenter Pathway Port 🚤 climbwell enter tunnel climb pipe



Broom Closet

> take note. read it. ("know where you towel is")

> open door. e.


The beast asks for your name.


*** You have died ***

> restart

Broom Closet

Now that you know a bugblatter beast is out there, you must make sure he doesn't see you.

> take knife.

> take pile. (You get a rag.)

> x rag. wear rag.

> open door. e. e.

Darkness / The Balcony

> remove rag. (+15)

You're unwilling to go back inside while the beast is in there.

> x railing.

> search railing. x cache. open it.

> log cache. (+10) close cache.

> x pipe. climb pipe.


> x pipe. x gutter.

> x window. open window with knife.

> enter windoworw.

The Attic

> x book. (A pirate hid three caches in this town.)

> x painting.

Moving or searching the painting doesn't help, but...

> open painting. (There's a tunnel behind it.)

> enter tunnel. (This is a one-way trip.)

Inside the well

> x well. search well. climb well.

Town Center

> n.


> x house. x barrel.

> look in barrel. open cache.

> log cache. (+10) close cache.

> s. e.


> x cobblestone. search it. open cache.

> log cache. (+10) close cache.

> n.

Main Entrance

If you open the door and walk in unblindfolded, the beast will kill you. But blindfolded, you can return to the broom closet or balcony, if you needed to.

> s. w. s.


> x ship. board ship. ("are you really sure?")

Instead of saying YES like in a normal game, you must modify your command with 'really' or 'for sure':

> board ship really.

*** You have won ***

I'm missing 5 points. If you know where the missing points are, please let me know!







This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 50, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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