Key & Compass presents:
by Hanon Ondricek

Briar is a Glulx text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Hanon Ondricek. This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

CAUTION: This is an adult game with sexual themes based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. Non-consensual sex is possible in this game. Freaky sex between humans and flowers is possible in this game. This walkthrough (and the game) may not be suitable for all readers.

Choose a walkthrough type: Chaste, Quickie, Buh-Bye, Liberties Taken and Lost, or Flower Power?

The Chaste Walkthrough

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There's a few ways through the game. This "chaste walkthrough" shows how to win while bypassing all the sex. Of course, you'll miss a great deal of the game following this path, but it's nice to know it's possible, isn't it?

Overgrown Castle Courtyard

First, look over our inventory.

> x me. i. x leggings. x codpiece. x boots. x tunic.

> x doublet. x belt. x scabbard. x sword.

Second, check out our surroundings.

> x gate. x briar. x vines. x canopy.

> x castle. x castle walls. x facade. x leaves.

Then, hack away those vines and enter the castle proper.

> take sword. cut vines. g. g. u.

Bramble-Choked Stairwell

You can destroy some china if you like.

> x furniture. open it. x shards.

> x cabinet. x cobweb. remove cobweb.

But you just need to remove the nasty shrub blocking the tower staircase.

> x staircase. x shrub. cut shrub. u.

Tower Bedroom

Ignore the window and its flowers. Don't listen to them. Instead, get rid of the vines surrounding the slab.

> x slab. cut vines. g.

Examine the maiden fair. Ignore the flowers. Don't even examine the flowers.

> x maiden. x bier. x face. x mouth.

> x maiden's head. x breasts. x arms. x hands.

> x fingers. x fingernails.

> x legs. x gown. x feet.

> x shoulders. x upper shift.

Try to wake her.

> wake maiden. g. g. g. g.

> kiss maiden. kiss hand.

Remember the pinprick on her finger?

> kiss fingers. suck fingers.

*** …and you both live happily ever after! ***

The Quickie Walkthrough

You can also zip through the game and have consensual sex with the maiden for the ending. All you have to do differently from the chaste walkthrough is make sure there's some nudity; either the Prince or the maiden must show some more skin before the Prince sucks the maiden's finger.

Overgrown Castle Courtyard

> take sword. cut vines. g. g. u.

Bramble-Choked Stairwell

> cut shrub. u.

Tower Bedroom

> cut vines. g.

It seems the ending text varies slightly on what skin is exposed. With more flesh in view, the more reaction comments the maiden will make. Try any or all of the following disrobings. (Note: it's not possible to wear the codpiece without the leggings.) IGNORE THE FLOWERS.

> x fingers. suck fingers.

*** …an intense love affair commences… ***

The Buh-Bye Walkthrough

For completeness' sake, try just leaving by the gate, rejecting the entire scenario.

Overgrown Castle Courtyard

> open gate. g.

The Outside World

*** You are unsure if you will return. ***

The Liberties Taken and Lost Walkthrough

If you can get the maiden to orgasm, she'll awaken. The simplest way is with some determined foot licking, believe it or not. No genitals required. You may not be happy with the consequences of your actions, however.

Note that the maiden can be stimulated in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to kissing any part of her, other than her mouth. So, kissing her hand or her face will also work. It's not overstimulation of a single body part that's key; you can switch from face to hand to feet if you like.

Overgrown Castle Courtyard

> take sword. cut vines. g. g. u.

Bramble-Choked Stairwell

> cut shrub. u.

Tower Bedroom

> cut vines. g.

> kiss feet. g. (Continue kissing her feet until she orgasms.)

The maiden's responsiveness is a bit random, but she should awaken after between, oh, eight and twenty attempts?

The maiden orgasms, awakens, somehow finds herself naked (?), and is less than impressed with you. She claims your clothes, leaving you only your shredded tunic and boots to wear. She is also now in your inventory and expects you to carry her out of the castle.

(BUG: Don't put the maiden down; you won't be able to pick her up again.)

Possibly you will wish to wait several turns to listen to her stories and questions. Unfortunately, she doesn't respond to any direct questions of yours.

> x maiden. x me. i. d. d.

Overgrown Castle Courtyard

A series of textdumps begins. The lavender faerie queen (who set the curse a century ago) and her retinue arrive. The maiden abandons you. The faeries take you away as their sextoy. Oh my…

*** You lived the short life of a fae breeder… ***

The Flower Power Walkthrough Rough Notes

Overview of the four flowers:

More about what the flowers in the window do and don't do:

The Prince's body:

The maiden's body:

What are the goals within the sexual scenario?