Key & Compass presents:
Bored Ladders
by "Taleslinger"

Bored Ladders is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by "Taleslinger". It was an entry in the PAX East 2011 Speed-IF event.

You are a respected member of your people. They have given you and Kevin a mission. Find the Tomb of the Unknown Tool and find the artifact that will defeat the evil Braintree, the oldest enemy of your people.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


VacuumTrap!!! Tomb of the Unknown Tool,also known asGrave of the nameless Idiot Edge ofForest ChickenRoom TreasureRoom Pluto Observatory u (afterseveralturns) d climbladders

Edge of Forest

It's not obvious to me exactly what triggers Jim finding the path. Do whatever you want for however many turns it takes.

> i. (You have nothing.)

> x Jim.

> ask jim about tomb. ask jim about braintree. ask jim about kevin.

You follow Jim down the path where he explodes.

Vacuum Trap!!!

> e.

Tomb of the Unknown Tool, also known as Grave of the nameless Idiot

> d.

Chicken Room

The reference to "Monathan Mlask" is a swipe at the author's IF rival, Jonathan Blask.

> x corpse. x door. x chicken.

> se. (The door is locked.)

> smell door.

> u. w. (+1)

Vacuum Trap!!!

The chicken, which followed you, implodes in the trap.

> look. take key. x key.

> e. d.

Chicken Room

> unlock door with key. se.

Treasure Room

CAUTION: The typewriter is typing a countdown to self-detonation! And you can't run away from the countdown once it begins!

> x typewriter. take typewriter.

> sw.


> climb ladders. (+1)


> drop typewriter. (+1)

*** You won! ***






You have so far scored this-much out of a possible 3, in several turns.

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