Key & Compass presents:
by David Linder

Bio is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2003 by David Linder. It was an entry in IF Comp 2003 where it took 25th place.

In this game, you play as a male live-in janitor for a scientific research facility in a Brazilian jungle. Tonight, the scientists are away at a convention and you're enjoying the peace and quiet. Unfortunately, your rest is disturbed by a loud bang, and then the intercom announces an atmospheric disturbance and a lockdown. That can't be good!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1 of the game.


Inside theterroristtent Brent'sRoom Men'sBathroom Labratory End ofHallway Hallway HallwayoutsideBrent's Hallwayoutsidebathrooms HallwayInter-section Outsidemainentrance Edge ofcomplexgrounds YourRoom Hallwayoutside ofmain officeand supplyroom parkinglot BehindRussianTent TheSupplyRoom The MainOffice Diningroom Hallwayoutsidesecurity Yet anotherhallwayintersection Kitchen Thesecurityroom Hallwayoutside oflibraryand animalshelter TheLibrary AnimalShelter Librarian'sOffice ControlRoom Hallwayoutsidecontrol (someone'sroom) (someone'sroom) (to town,25 milesaway) (someone'sroom) (someone'sroom) (women'sbathroom)


Your Room

Infamously, the room description says "dresser", but only understands the word "armoire". It's unbelievable that an error this significant would be in the initial room of a game intended for the Annual IF Competition.

Also, the nonchalant way your character can calmly watch TV while his life is in danger is just bizarre.

> open armoire. take mask. wear mask. (+10)

> x bandage. take it.

> x bed. x nightstand. x tv.

> n. e. e.

Hallway outside of Brent's room

> x door. (locked)

> e.

Hallway outside bathrooms

As a man, your character refuses to go in the women's bathroom even though it's an emergency situation, the facility is mostly deserted, and you're the janitor.

> n.

Men's Bathroom

> read graffiti. ("RED your DEAD; BLUE your THROUGH; WHITE your RIGHT")

> x casing. take it.

> x shower. x stall.

> open stall. x body. (Carl, shot.)

> x sink. x tile.

> s. e.

Hallway Intersection

> e. x door. (locked)

> n.


> x beaker. x acid. take beaker.

> x tables. x equipment. x shelf. (Smallpox vial is missing.)

> s. s.

Hallway outside of main office and supply room

By process of elimination, the padlock must be on the office door.

> e. x padlock. w.

You cut you arm when walking into the supply room.

The Supply Room

Weirdly, nothing seems to be implemented in this room. And yes, that means you could have skipped this room entirely and not cut your arm. I wanted you to know what to do if you did, though.

> wear bandage. e.

Hallway outside of main office and supply room

> pour acid on padlock. (+10. Padlock falls off.)

> e.

The Main Office

Despite the mention of another office to the east, there's no exit in that direction.

> x desk. look under desk. (find a combination)

> x combo. read it. ("423")

> w. s. w.

Hallway outside of security office

> x screws. x reader. x door. (locked)

> w.

Dining room

> x tables. x stools. x tile.

> s.


> x counter. x stove. open it. look in it.

> x fridge. open it. look in it.

> x dishwasher. open it. x knife. take it.

> n. e. e. s. e.

The Library

> x lockpicking. take it. (+10)

> take lockpick. x it. drop book.

> x harsh. read it.

> s.

Librarian's Office

Nothing here. Bah.

> n. w. w.

Animal Shelter

> x cage. open cage. x rat. take rat.

> e. s.

Hallway outside of control room

There's no room description, so you'll have to move blindly.

> w. x door. (locked)

> unlock door. (You need someone with a card.)

> n. n. n. n. w. w.

Hallway outside of Brent's room

> unlock door (with lockpick). n.

Brent's Room

> x pile. search pile. x screwdriver.

> s. e. e. s. s. w.

Hallway outside of security office

> unscrew screws with screwdriver. (+10)

> x hole. look in hole.

> x red. x white. x blue.

The game doesn't recognize "cut" commands, so there's some minor guess-the-verb here. You know which connector is safe from the bathroom's graffiti.

> take white. (+10. The door is now unlocked.)

> s.

The security room

> x Steve. x badge. x shirt. x slacks. x Steve's mask.

> x monitors. x locker. (locked)

You can talk to Steve about stuff, but since attempts to ask him about the gas, tell him about Carl, or show him the bullet casing are ineffective, it's unclear what he will talk about.

> ask Steve about reader. ask Steve about card.

> ask Steve about combination.

> ask Steve about smallpox. ask Steve about terrorists.

> ask Steve about scientists.

Anyway, it seems Steve will follow you now, just because you're there.

> n. e. s. s.

Hallway outside of control room

> unlock door. (with Steve's card, which he briefly gives you)

> w.

Control Room

> read sign. (It explains how to clear the air.)

> x dial. turn dial to 423. push button. (+20. Main door unlocked.)

> x black box. open it. (Can't.)

> e. n. n. n. n. e. s.

parking lot

> x car. (It's Steve's.)

> n. e. s.

Behind Russian Tent

You may want to wait a few turns to listen to the terrorists talk.

> z. z. z. z. z.

> drop rat. e.

Inside the terrorist tent

> take vial. (+10)

> x maps. x cot.

They know you're in there. Leave! Head for Steve's car!

> w. n. w. s.

Steve and you are made international heros. Good work!







In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of your-score points out of a possible 80.

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