Key & Compass presents:
The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Fishes
by Ben Pennington and Justin Morgan

The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Fishes is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2006 by Ben Pennington (writing as "Celestianpower") and Justin Morgan. It was an entry at IF Comp 2006 where it took 21st place. At the 2006 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in the Best Individual NPC category for the character of God.

In this Biblical tale, you play as Jesus. A crowd of five thousand people have gathered in a field outside the town of Bethsaida to hear you preach, but they're all very hungry. It would take a miracle to feed this many people, but since you're the son of God, you might find a way to do that. But how, exactly?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 8 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Main Map

Villageof Mark The NorthBank On theSea ofGalilee On theSea ofGalilee On theSea ofGalilee On theSea ofGalilee On theSea ofGalilee Furtheralong theShore The Shoreof Galilee TheSynagogue LargeGrassyField The Town TheMarket-place n s/sw/se

Map 2: Village of Mark

4:41 6:56 8:38 1:45 5:25 6:25 7:31 8:31 10:52 12:44 3:1 4:1 7:1 8:1 1:1 2:1 5:1 6:1 9:1 10:1 11:1 12:1 Villageof Mark 13:1 14:1 14:72 The NorthBank 15:1 16:1 15:47


Large Grassy Field

> about. credits. copyright.

> x me. x tablet. (+1)

> x crowd. feed crowd.

> x dock. x wild flowers. x hedgerows. x grass. x clover.

> x lake. look in lake.

> take dock leaf. take clover.

> nw.

The Shore of Galilee

> x leper. talk to leper. (+1)

> heal leper. x leper. x tablet. (+1)

> x coin. take coin. talk to leper.

> nw.

Further along the Shore of Galilee

> x Peter. wave to Peter. x boat. x equipment.

> talk to Peter. talk to Peter.

> x wind. ask God about wind. listen.

> se. se. e.

The Town

> x people. x synagogue. x market. x mound. x buildings.

> ne.

The Synagogue

> x man. give leaf to man.

> x tablet. (+1). x man. x pail.

> listen. x roof. pray for wind. (+1)

> x pews. x altar. x hangings. x people.

> sw. s.

The Marketplace

> x Jacob. x stall. talk to Jacob. (+1)

> x olives. x flour. x melon. buy flour.

> x fruit. x chicken. x books. x ferrets. x instruments. x bags.

> n. w. nw. nw.

Further along the Shore of Galilee

> enter boat. x wind.

> talk to Peter. talk to Peter.

On the Sea of Galilee

> z. z. z. z. (Peter stops the boat.)

> look in sea. fill pail.

> take net. put net in sea. take net. (+1)

> take all from net.

The North Bank

Peter suggests visiting a deaf and dumb man at 7:31.

> give net to Peter. thank Peter.

> out. x fish. n.

Village of Mark (intersection)

> n.

Village of Mark (5:1 and 6:1)

You'll probably meet a sheep in the village; examine or pet it if you like.

> ne. end.

Village of Mark (8:38)

> x geranium. s. s. s. s. s. s. s.

Village of Mark (7:31 and 8:31)

> knock on lefthand. x man. heal man. (This doesn't work.)

At this point, you'll need to read the applicable Bible verses to learn what to do; for example: Mark 7:31-37 at Bible Gateway, or Bible (King James)/Mark at Wikisource.

> touch ears. spit. touch tongue.

> say ephphatha. (+1. Mark and a stone tablet arrive.)

> x tablet. (+1; You need to visit Merom in house 5:25.)

> x Mark. x chariot. ride chariot. x chest.

Guiding the chariot is a bit tricky because the horses want to go at a speed of 11; so you'll be skipping quite a few houses. Going to the end of a street will set the modality of the chariot to a new value, which will affect how far you go from the beginning of any street.

Anyway, it's very confusing to explain why, but you'll need to first go to the end of either the 1-2 street or the 5-6 street (to set the modality to 1); let's pick the latter:

> s. s. s. n. end.

Village of Mark (6:56)

Now go to the end of the 15-16 street (to set the modality to 3):

> s. s. s. s. s. s.

> e. se. end.

Village of Mark (15:47)

Finally, travel up the 5-6 street until you reach 5:25.

> w. w. w. w. w. n. n. n.

Village of Mark (5:25 and 6:25)

> out. knock on lefthand.

> x woman. talk to woman.

> heal woman. (+1; she gives you the sheep.)

> ride chariot. (Putting the sheep into the chariot first.)

The heavy sheep has changed the speed of the chariot from 11 to 6. Ride directly back to 7:31:

> s. s. s. s. ne.

> n. n. n. n. n.

Village of Mark (7:31 and 8:31)

> out. knock on lefthand. (Mark and Yonah pull the chest out of the chariot.)

> z. in.

Yonah's Front Room

> x oven. x knife. (Mark pours you a drink.)

> drink wine. x cup. x jug. x tray. x lamp.

Time to make bread!

> mix flour with water. x dough.

> put dough on tray.

Did you overlook the lamp as a fire source? Also, use the bottom shelf of the oven; the dough won't bake at all on the top shelf.

> take lamp. light oven.

> take tray. put tray on bottom.

The loaf will take at least six turns to bake. It may take longer.

> z. z. z. z. z. x bread. (Repeat examining the bread until it's definitely a loaf.)

> take tray. put tray on counter.

> x loaf. take knife. cut loaf. (+1)

> take all loaves. take sheep. e.

Village of Mark ((7:31 and 8:31)

Leave the chariot alone this time.

> int. sw. s. s.

The North Bank

Note that although you can leave the sheep behind in the village, you're encouraged not to.

> s. s. s. s. s. s.

Further along the Shore of Galilee

> se. se.

Large Grassy Field

I note that the crowd still acts hungry even after they've been fed.

> give clover to sheep.

> say grace. (+1)

> feed crowd. (+5. Your disciples arrive.)

> x disciples. talk to disciples.

> look. x scraps. take scraps. (+2)

The crowd begins to turn. Run for Peter's boat!

> nw. nw.

Further along the Shore of Galilee.

> enter boat.

*** You fed the five thousand! ***



The response to AMUSING after you win the game is:

Have you tried to...

I also noticed a few anachronisms, including:


Animals include:



From the response to CREDITS:

We owe a massive debt of gratitude to Nolan Bonvouloir for his extensive, exhaustive beta-testing, enthusiasm and fast turn-around of responses. If it weren't for him, the laws of physics as you know them would be rampantly and shamelessly broken all throughout the game.

Thanks also go to our other beta-testers: Sean Whitton, Sean Krauss and Redvers.

And thank the Lord for Graham Nelson's Inform 6!



Honorable mention:


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You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 20, in several turns, earning you the rank of ranking.

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