Key & Compass presents:
Being the Ending of the Beginning
by Chris Conley

Being the Ending of the Beginning is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Chris Conley. It was an entry for the 2011 Penultimate Not Numbered New Year's Speed IF.

In this small surreal game set in a shopping center, you play as someone named Leslie. It begins with you in a tanning bed wearing your mum's shoes and nothing else. Expect to find several odd items and deal with two evil adversaries before this day is over.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


eat food climb rubble then jump d TanningSalon VideoHead ShoppingCenter FoodCourt McDonalds Apocalypse VideoHead Ghostsof thePast Roof (paint shopis closed)



> about. listen. stand. open bed.

Tanning Salon

> stand. x me. i. x shoes. remove shoes. (denied)

> x bed. x clothing. wear clothing.

> x pocket. (You find many useless things!)

> x harmonica. play it.

> x dice. roll dice. take dice.

> x chopstick. x can. open can. (can't)

> x stone. x fur.

> s.

Wrightsville Town Shopping Center

> smell.

> s. (closed)

> w.

Video Head

> x man. x tag. ("Bob S")

> get Doom. (Bob won't let you.)

Meh. Come back here later.

> e. e.

Food Court

> x arches. e.

McDonalds (in line)

> x cashier. x t-shirt. x menu. z.

After a few turns, the cashier asks "How may I take your order?"

The syntax here is a bit wonky. You can't BUY anything. You can't ASK CASHIER FOR anything, and TALK TO CASHIER doesn't work.

> get burgerororder burger. (Either works.)

By the way, if you want a Happy Meal, shake, salad, or soda instead, feel free, as long as you get or order one of them.

McDonalds (in the booth)

> eat burger. (or whatever the cashier gave you)

Tiny Tim bursts through the floor, screaming your name: "LESLIE!"


> take brick.

Tiny Tim is stunned for a moment by falling debris.

> throw brick at Tim. (He collapses into the rubble.)

> take brick. x bodies. x tables. x crater.

> x rubble. (reaches almost to ceiling)

> x roof.

> climb rubble.

Apocalypse (on the pile of rubble)

> x girder. (just out of reach)

> jump.


> x vultures. x skylight.

> throw brick at skylight.

> remove clothing. tie clothing. (It's now a rope.)

> tie rope to skylight. d. (You fall to...)

Ghosts of the Past

> take brick. smell. x bodies.

> w.

Video Head

> x twin. x hammer. x counter.

> x Doom III. take it. open it. (It contains many things!)

> x marine. x tags. wear tags.

> x official. x unofficial. x case. x order form.

> x ID code.

Attempts to attack Sam are deflected as are most attempts at throwing things at him.

You're also unwilling to give anything directly to Sam, but what about indirectly?

> put tags on counter. (Sam wears them.)

> remove shoes. put shoes on counter. (Sam wears them.)

Sam runs screaming.

*** Sam's reign of terror is finally ended ***






Clothing and wearables:

Food and drink:

Useful tools:

Worthless junk:

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