Key & Compass presents:
Beet the Devil
by Carolyn VanEseltine

Beet the Devil is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Carolyn VanEseltine. It was entered in IF Comp 2011 where it took 7th place. At the 2011 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist for the Best Individual NPC award (for the puppy).

You play as a church gardener who is awoken before dawn by an unholy racket. Your garden has been ravaged and your bird dog has been dognapped! So with the aid of a small puppy and several vegetables, you will confront the demons of Hell itself, rescue your bird dog, and Beet the Devil!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


The Man'sOffice Darkness d d u u enter boat * Barn YourHut Garden Widow'sHouse KitchenNook Under theTurnipBush Ferryman'sShore Asphodel MirrorMaze ScenicOverlook Kennels BreakRoom GreenRoom Hell'sKitchen Hallway Lobby Reception OrnateOffice Den BanquetRoom Boudoir TreasureRoom


Your Hut

> x me. wear clothes. x window.

> x bed. look under bed. x pot. (Optional:) pee in pot.

> e.


> take beet. x beet. (It's holy; the demons didn't touch it.)

> x house. (Looks like hellfire blasted it.)

> e.

Widow's House

> x splinters. x bed. e.

Kitchen Nook

> x table. x floor. x cupboard. open it.

> x sack. take sack. (of flour)

> w. w. n.


They took your dog!

> search hay. (A puppy jumps out and dashes south.)

The puppy will do a lot of running around between your current location and the "next" location it wants you to go to.

> x crates. s.


The puppy unearths a rawhide bone, then enters a hole under the turnip bush.

> pet puppy. take bone. x it.

> x bush. take turnip. (No. It's tainted; you won't touch it.)

> d.

Under the Turnip Bush

> s. (A voice tells you to look at the garden a bit more.)

> u.


It turns out that several vegetables are salvagable, not just the beet.

> x potatoes. x potato.

> x peppers. x pepper.

> x tomatoes. x tomato.

> x carrots. x carrot.

> x onions. x onion.

> x celery. x celery.

> x mushrooms. x zucchini.

> x artichoke. x artichoke.

> x brussels. x brussels.

> i.

You should have 9 vegetables (brussels sprouts, artichoke, celery, onion, carrot, tomato, pepper, potato, beet) plus the bone, flour sack, and your clothes. Got all that? Then let's go!

> d. s.

Darkness (several locations)

Follow the puppy. If you don't hear which direction the puppy is, wait, smell, or listen until you do.

> smell. e. s. smell. listen. s. se. z. ne. e. z. z. se.

> z. ne. se. s. sw. se. s. z. z. w. z. w. nw.

Ferryman's Shore

> x ferryman. x crook.

> ask ferryman about boat. (You can't talk to demons.)

> x river. x boat. x people. x lamps.

> enter boat. ("The hue of life is still upon you.")

> wear flour. enter boat. ("No living pets allowed.")

> pour flour on puppy. enter boat. (Flour sack must be left behind.)

> drop sack. enter boat.


> x flowers. x souls. x door. knock on door. (You are denied.)

You note about now how a blue-haired fiend seems to have lost something, then knocks on the door to be let in.

> take flower. (It breaks apart in your hand.)

A bit later, you note how a succubus uses a card she waves at the door to get in.

> clean me. knock on door.


The clerk admodishes you to not forget your passkey again and tells you to wait.

> x clerk. x desk. x paperwork.

> x chair. x cross-stitch. x eyeball.

> w. (The eyeball blocks you.)

> sit on chair. (The chair seat bites you!)

Be careful about what you put on the chair; you won't get most things back.

> put onion on chair.

(y/n)> y (The fumes bother the eyeball.)

> w.


> x guard. (He has a large schnozz.)

> x uniform. ("Ineptum Praesidio" on the badge; it means "Silly Protection" according to Google Translate.)

> x chair.

> sit on chair. y. y. y. y. y. (It's safe.) stand.

> n.

Break Room

> x demons. x counter. x pot. x table.

> put artichoke in pot. (You can't reach it.)

> clean artichoke. give artichoke to puppy.

The demons rescue the artichoke and leave the break room with it.

> put sprouts in pot. (A reek swirls up.)

> s.


The guard with the large schnozz turns away from the reek.

> z. z. (He finally runs off.)

> w.


> read nameplate. ("THE MAN")

> x imp. (It has a large tongue.)

> give pepper to imp. (He licks the flour off and lets you in; you retain the pepper.)

The Man's Office

The demon offers to show you the way to The Man for a price.

I note that although the demon will initially stop you from sitting in the big chair, if you try three times, you'll succeed. Not that it helps you any.

> x demon. x ring. (It has a heavy red stone.)

> x lamps. x paintings. x shelves. x desk. x big chair. x swiveling chair.

> give tomato to demon. (He doesn't want that. He wants carats.)

> give carrot to demon. (He tells you to read De Monarchia.)

> x de monarchia. take it. (The shelf turns to reveal a stair downwards.)

> d.

Treasure Room

Both west and east doors are locked. There's lots of treasure you can take here, but I strongly suggest leaving it all here. This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Greed.

> x lantern. x treasure.

> x jewels. x coins. x swords. x paintings.

> x showy boots. x silverware. x pot. x curtain.

> nw.


This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Lust.

> x demon. x mirror. x couch. smell. x lacy.

> give celery to demon. (It leaves in frustration.)

> move couch. w.

Banquet Room

This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Gluttony.

A demon thinks you're a waiter and demands a cold dessert.

> take bowl. n.

Hell's Kitchen

> open cupboard. (It's locked.)

> open icebox. look in icebox. take ice cream. close icebox.

> x oven. (hot) x cans. search cans. (no.)

> x roaches.

> put pepper in bowl. s.

Banquet Room

> give bowl to demon. (He leaves to the north.)

> x food. w.


This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Sloth.

> x slug. x brass key. x box. x couch.

> turn off tv. (The demon will get sleepy over time...)

> give bone to puppy. ( long as it isn't jolted alert by the puppy.)

> z. (Wait several turns until it drops the key.)

> take key. unlock plain door with key.

> take bone. w.

Ornate Office

This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Wrath.

> x demon. x clipboard.

> x diplomas. x mannequin.

After a few turns, the demon asks that you show him something that angers you.

> i. show potato to demon. g. g. g. g.

The demon loses his temper and attacks the potato. Then he drops his clipboard and storms out.

> take clipboard. x it.

> x couch. x pillow.

> n.

Green Room

This room is trying to tempt you with the sin of Pride.

The demon will ask you to drop your vegetables and cage the puppy if you actually follow his instructions.

> x demon. x chair. x mirrors.

> x wardrobe. open it. x fluffy clothing.

> throw tomato at demon. take tomato.

> smash tomato.

The offended demon, opens a portal, asking you to go.

> x portal. n.

Mirror Maze

You'll need the puppy to get through the maze, unless you look at the mirror first.

> n. (or any other direction)

Scenic Overlook

> x girl. x pin.

> x railing. x bench. x lava.

> e.

The girl won't let you carry a clipboard to her daddy. Or anything else, really. Give away all your possessions, but make sure you give the beet to the puppy at the end.

> give clipboard to girl. e.

> give bone to girl. e.

> give key to girl. e.

> give beet to puppy. e.


> x devil. take beet. x cage. x bird dog.

> open cage. (It's locked.) x hellhound.

> clean beet. give beet to devil. (He's not interested.)

Accept the Devil's offer? (y/n)> no

> beet the devil.

*** You beet the game! Congratulations! ***



In order of appearance:


Here are the losing endings that I found:


Note that all the veggies are "ghostly white" when covered in flour; your clothes become your floury clothes.

Also, when in the presence of the obnoxious demon in the Ornate Office, most of your possessions (bone, key, beet, tomato) are prefixed with "obnoxious", "annoying", "offensive", "irksome", "irritating", "aggravating", etc. but the potato is "inoffensive", "innocuous", "innocent", etc. (Your clothes aren't one way or the other.)

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