Key & Compass presents:
The Bean Stalker
by Jack Welch

The Bean Stalker is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with ZIL and is © 2018 by Jack Welch. It was a participant in the Eleventh Hour New Year's Minicomp event.

In this short political satire based on the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, you play as a downtrodden farmer with moxie. Times have been tough for you, your mom, and your farm ever since the magical wall was erected around the kingdom. Now it's time to sell your final cow, good old Bessy.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


(win) e Cloud NineCasino andResort GolfCourse Yagmar'sOlde PawnShoppe The FamilyFarm w u

The Family Farm

> x me. i. (empty-handed)

> x cow. take cow.

> w.

Yagmar's Olde Pawn Shoppe

> x Yagmar. x counter.

> talk to Yagmar.

> give cow to Yagmar.

> i. x bean. e.

The Family Farm

> drop bean. x beanstalk. u.

Golf Course

> x geese. x turd. w.

Cloud Nine Casino and Resort

> x ogre. talk to ogre. (He wants you to get rid of the geese.)

> w. w. (No, no, get rid of the geese.)

> e.

Golf Course

The way you came up is gone, so you jump over the edge instead.

> take turd. d. e. w.

Yagmar's Olde Pawn Shoppe

> give turd. (You get your cow back.)

> e. u.

Golf Course

> drop cow. (She chases the geese off the lawn.)

> x birds. w.

Cloud Nine Casino and Resort

> talk to ogre. (Prove you can make a deal worthy of the ogre.)

> e. e.

The Family Farm

> x mom. talk to mom. take mom. w.

Yagmar's Olde Pawn Shoppe

> give mom. x suit. e. u. w.

Cloud Nine Casino and Resort

> w.

**** The game is over ****





There is no SCORE command, but the score is displayed in the status line. Full score is 100 points.

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