Key & Compass presents:
Balder's Death
by Wynne Lok

Balder's Death is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Wynne Lok.

This is a simple and clumsy retelling of the Norse myth about how the god Balder died. The sole interesting feature of this retelling is that, depending on your choices, you may be playing as the blind god Hod, or as the trickster god Loki, or as Balder himself.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


SmallPlaza Dreams Dream LittlePlaza Forest WaitingRoom FriggRoom CentralPlaza CenterPlaza as Hod or Loki as Balder


Walkthrough 1: Hod's Path


You see nothing special about anything here. Hardly a good sign. Also, all the doors are locked.

> take lonliness. unlock green. w.

Small Plaza

> x yellow door. s.

Waiting Room

> ask Frigg about anything.

> open wardrobe. take outside key.

> unlock outside door with outside key.

> w. (via outside door)


> take all. w. (via red door.)

Central Plaza

> throw rock at Balder. throw sticks at Balder.

> ask someone about anything.

Loki gives you a twig to throw at Balder. You do so. Balder dies.

*** The End ***

Walkthrough 2: Loki's Path


> take glory. unlock purple. n. s.

Waiting Room

When dressed as a woman, Frigg tells you about the mistletoe, and the game tells you the special verb "reveal".

> open wardrobe. take all from wardrobe.

> wear wig. wear costume.

> ask Frigg about Balder.

> unlock outside door with outside key.

> w. (via outside door)


> reveal. take mistletoe.

> w.

Central Plaza

> ask someone about Balder.

You give the mistletoe to Hod, who throws it at Balder. Balder dies.

*** The End ***

Walkthrough 3: Balder's Path


> take future. unlock blue. e.


You dream of a snake, Hel, and a wolf.

> e. (via black door)

Little Plaza

> s. (via grey door)

Frigg Room

> ask Frigga about journey.

> s. (via white door)

Center Plaza

> ask Hod about anything.

You wake in Hel's realm, dead.

*** The End ***




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