ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004


A404ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 1st place Buried Alive by David Whyld [Walkthru + map]
A404ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 4th place (tie) The Murder of Jack Morely (aka Confession) by Mystery [Walkthru + map]
A404ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 4th place (tie) Snakes and Ladders by Ken Franklin [Walkthru + map]
A304ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 2nd place Veteran Experience by Robert Street (as Robert Rafgon) [Walkthru + map]
A404ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 3rd place We are coming to get you! by Richard Otter (as rotter) [Walkthru + map]
A304ADRIFT 2nd 3-Hour Comp 2004: 6th place Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head by Mel S [Walkthru + map]

This comp was organized by Woodfish in November and December of 2004. The walkthroughs below are by David Welbourn.

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Buried Alive

by David Whyld

The Back
←u Lying In
Your Own Grave
—— The
—— The

Lying In Your Own Grave

You do have other options besides digging. Not good options, mind you, but you might want to try them anyway.

>dig. dig. dig.

The Back Garden

>x hole. x petunias. x house. s.

The Kitchen

>x cooker. x leg. x sink. x blood. x pots. x fridge. x magnets.

>open fridge. x head. take head.

Once you've got the head, you can take a quick cautious peek upstairs. The dangerous room is the bedroom where your wife is. You get only get one safe visit in the bedroom, and only because the head freaks out your wife. On any other visit, she'll call Bob from the bathroom to kill you, and at the moment, you have no chance against him.


The Lounge

>x tv. u.

The Hallway

>w. (You are auto-evicted from the bedroom back into the hall.)



>look. x Bob. give head to Bob. (ha ha)

>w. d. w. d.

The Cellar

Caution: If you open the coffin without carrying the head, you will die!

>x plinth. x coffin. open coffin. x ghoul. x knife.

With the ghoul fed, you're safe from him. But you can't converse with him, get him to kill Bob or your wife for you, or even talk to him. But you do have a knife now.

Unfortunately, the knife isn't enough. Attempting to kill Bob with the knife will result in your death, and it will still be two against one in the bedroom; you'll die there too. You'll have to pay Bob off. As we saw earlier, he doesn't want the head. He doesn't want the knife either. The only other portable object is the TV.

>u. e.

The Lounge

>get tv. (Note that "take tv" will not work.)

>u. e.


>give tv to Bob. w. w. (win!)

Postscript: If you give the TV to Bob, and then enter the bedroom without carrying the knife, nothing happens at all. And in fact, your wife isn't there; there's no game object that represents her. To be fair, the author only had three hours to write the game, so it's not surprising that there might be odd situations like this one and I imagine most players would never notice.

↑ top

In your
living room
↓open door
Questioning room,
Midfield Police

The Murder of Jack Morely

by Mystery

The author warns you that the game is linear; perhaps what she really meant was "non-interactive". You can, if you wish, simply type "z" repeatedly until the story is over.

In your living room

If you delay long enough, the police will break down the door and arrest you. The description of your arrest is slightly different whether you open the door or not, which is your only real choice in the story.

>x blinds. x table. x pictures. x bottle. x door. open door.

Questioning room, Midfield Police Department

Only your first command here has a chance of doing anything. For all subsequent turns, your input is completely ignored (including commands like "quit"), so just keep typing "z" or hitting return. If you don't like examining the lawyer for your one turn here, you might opt to examine the legal pad or the table instead.

>x lawyer. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

↑ top


Snakes and Ladders

by Ken Franklin

This is an adaption of the board game of the same name to IF, and although it works, it's not a very interesting adaption. One location is used for all the squares, and it has no description. The only item is a dice [sic]. You can display an image of the board with the "board" command, but it's a static image and does not show your current position. You're playing solo.

The honest play is roll or throw the die—at least you can call it a "die" even if the game doesn't—over and over again until you win. You can also type R as an abbreviation for "roll die".

The option for semi-strategic play is also available. Type L to roll low (1–3) or H to roll high (4–6). The game does let you know what the next six squares contain so you can roll accordingly. However, it's not really any quicker that way, so you might as well play honestly.

>board. i. x dice. r. (Repeat r until you win.)

↑ top

Veteran Experience

by Robert Street

Your goal is to win the championship at any cost; therefore, you must take out all of your opponents before the legitimate match. You will need to use some cunning to get them off their guards before you can dishonourably attack them.

The Monster's
locker room
The Youth's
locker room
The High Flyer's
locker room
The ringYour
locker room

Your locker room

>x bench. x bag. take it. open it. x crowbar. n. n.

The Youth's locker room

>x The Youth. x mirror. x flowers. x teddy bear. take teddy bear.

>s. w. s.

The Ring

>x chairs. x ring. look under ring.

>x tacks. take tacks. x ladder. take ladder.

>n. w. n.

The Monster's locker room

Note: You can't refer to the bottle of acid as a bottle.

>x The Monster. x light. x candles. give teddy bear to The Monster.

>hit The Monster with crowbar. x acid. take acid. s. s.

The High Flyer's locker room

>x The High Flyer. x mask. x mattress.

>give ladder to The High Flyer. put tacks on mattress. take mask.

>wear mask. n. e. e. n.

The Youth's locker room

Note: You must be wearing the mask.

>throw acid at The Youth.

↑ top

We are coming to get you!

by Richard Otter

In this game, you play a germ and use the special command "infect <object>" to cause infections. You want to infect all five available parts of the body and leave to win the game. When a location is infected, its name will change according; e.g.: The Mouth becomes The Infected Mouth.

Movement is not done by compass directions. Just enter the body part you wish to visit, and you'll go there.

↓nose  ↓ear

The Throat

>x me. x relative.s. x tube. x tonsils. infect tonsils. stomach.

The Stomach

When you eat acid, it doesn't show in your inventory. Also, you're not allowed to spit it back here, but it'll return here once you've spat it out somewhere else.

>x acid. eat acid. x walls. x polyp. infect polyp. ear.

The Ear

>x wax. spit acid. x cut. infect cut. mouth.

The Mouth

>x tongue. x teeth. x tooth. x ulcer. infect ulcer. nose.

The Nose

Caution: Don't hit the adenoids until you've made five infections, otherwise you'll be sneezed into a tissue and die.

>x adenoids. x tissue. x vessels. infect vessels. stomach.

The Infected Stomach

>eat acid. nose.

The Nose

>spit acid. infect vessels. hit adenoids.

↑ top

Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head

by Mel S

Pet Shop
Pet Shop
↑ kill zombies
↑ with chainsaw


>i. x whistle. x house. x fence. x path. e.


>x shed. open shed. (Zombie appears; you auto-return to Yard; Stu appears.)


>x Stu. x zombies. ask stu about zombies. ask stu about gun.

>ask stu about whistle. ask stu about house. ask stu about shed.



>x zombie. x chainsaw. take chainsaw. w. n.

Wright Street

Caution: Instant death if you try a simple "kill zombies" or "cut zombies".

>look. x zombies. kill zombies with chainsaw. (auto-moved.)

Outside Pet Shop

>look. x door. x window. x sidewalk. x blood. ask stu about pet shop. ask stu about door.

>open door. cut boards with chainsaw. in.

Pet Shop

>look. x dog. blow whistle. (win! and you die!)

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