Key & Compass presents:
The Awakening
by Dennis Matheson

The Awakening is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1998 by Dennis Matheson.

You play as someone who wakes up in a muddy hole in a church graveyard during a thunderstorm. You won't look at yourself; you're afraid what you might see. The church is decrepit yet guarded by a guard dog. You feel unable to leave the area. Why?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Serial number 980726) of the game.


North Sideof the Church SmallOffice Pulpit NearPainting West Sideof theChurch East Sideof theChurch Graveyard Sanctuary InnerChamber In theMud Vestibule SteepleChamber Belfry ChurchPorch Top ofOak Tree Front ofthe Church w / sw n / ne d u s / se d d u d w / nw (eye holes) e / se n / nw u u s / sw u e / ne


In the Mud

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x rain. x mud. u.


> x branch. take branch. take limb.

> x marker. read marker.

> x oaks. x markers. x moss. x ivy.

> x church. x windows. x steeple.

> e.

West Side of the Church

> x trail. x grass.

> norne.

North Side of the Church

> x trees. x ivy.

> eorse.

East Side of the Church

> x gravel. take gravel. x debris.

> sorsw.

Front of the Church

Get the dog to chase you around the church, wrapping its chain as it goes.

> x dog. x chain.

> hit dog. nw. ne. se. sw.

The dog's stuck at on the east side.

> x oak. x sidewalk.

> n. (+20)

Church Porch

> x railing. take railing.

> x section. (That sounds like a ladder.)

> x ladder. (Yup. It's a ladder.)

> n.


> x windows. x debris.

> x trap. put ladder under trap.

Let's see what else is on this level first before going up.

> n.


> x portrait. x eyes. (Too far away.)

> x pews. x glass. take board. (No; nailed in place.)

> n.


> x podium. x black book. read book. (Another reference to eyes.)

> take book. n.

Small Office

> x desk. take journal. x it. read it. (It's blank.)

> x robe. take it.

> x bookshelf. move it. take red book. x it. read it.

The grimoire describes two rituals. One puts a soul into a container. The other uses the stored soul for storing sin. That is, your sins become the other person's sins; your sins are stored in the stored soul, not in your soul.

> xyzzy.

> x ashes. x glass. x stopper.

> take stopper. take ashes.

> search journal. (This is your hint that there's indentations to work with.)

> put ashes on journal. read journal. (+5; "I cannot continue to corrupt her.")

> s. s. s.


> take ladder. n.


> put ladder under portrait. u.

Near Painting

> x eyes. look through eyes. (See a space with purple curtain.)

> d.


> take ladder. s.


> put ladder under trap. u. (+5)

Steeple Chamber

> x rope. x door. (It has a handle.) open door. (locked)

> pull rope. climb rope.


> x bell. x beams. x branch. s.

Top of Oak Tree

> x forest. x town. d. (No, too far.)

> n. d.

Steeple Chamber

> tie rope to handle.

> take ladder. (Not enough leverage.)

> d.


> take ladder. s. s.

Front of the Church

> put ladder against oakorput ladder under oak.

> u. n.


> push bell. (+10; door and bell go out the window.)

> s. d.

Front of the Church

> x bell. (The rope and door aren't there with it.)

> take ladder. n. n.


> put ladder under trap. u. n. (+5)

Inner Chamber

> x man. x sofa. x lantern. x bottles.

> x table. x curtain.

> ask man about man. (He's Silas, your servant and teacher?)

> ask Silas about me. ask Silas about her.

> ask Silas about villagers. ask Silas about decision.

> ask Silas about bottles. ask Silas about soul.

> ask Silas about church.

> take bottles. (Blue is warm; green feels cold and sickly.)

> take lantern.

> n. (+5. You see a blue eyed creature in a mirror.)

> x mirror. open mirror. x holes. look through holes.

> break green bottle. (+10)

Silas's soul goes to Hell, and his body becomes a corpse. The church starts to burn (from the lantern if present, or a lightning strike if it isn't). You escape with your bottle.

*** You have won ***





From the one of the menu items in response to ABOUT:

Credits and Acknowledgments

This game would not exist without the help and efforts of several people

First, credit must be given to Graham Nelson for developing the Inform compiler without which this game would not have been possible. Inform, a language for developing interactive fiction games, is available via ftp from:

Second, the menus used in this game (including this one) are developed using L. Ross Raszewski's menu libraries. These libraries (AltMenu.h, DoMenu.h and Hints.h) are also available from

And finally, thanks must be given to the many fine people on who have answered so many of my questions. Thanks go to Andrew Plotkin, L. Ross Raszewski, Joe Mason, Joyce Haslam, Mary Kuhner, Michael Gentry, "FemaleDeer/Doeadeer3" and all the others whose names I have misplaced. Thanks, all of you.



Incidentally, considering that the blue bottle makes you immortal until it's broken, your "deaths" by dog or by falling can only be temporary incapacitation.



You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 50, in several turns.

The score is made up as follows:

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