Key & Compass presents:
Augmented Fourth
by Brian Uri!

Augmented Fourth is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2000 by Brian Uri!. At the 2000 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in both the Best Individual NPC and Best Puzzles categories.

In this Zork-like game, you play as an ill-fated trumpeter, tossed into a deep orchestra pit by King Goosen of Papoosen's guards just because he didn't like your rendition of "Ode to a Duck", the only tune you know. Escaping from the pit into a dormant volcano, you find yourself welcomed by Leonine of the Odd Community of Nolava, who promptly enchants your trumpet. Now the songs you play are magical! Can you learn enough music to escape the volcano and end King Goosen's tyranny?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


GrassyCourtyard (can't gointo herbedroom) (falling) u d d u d d w (path ofobjectsdroppedinto hole) in: FOULLAMAout: AMOSHTUFF d u d e d u u u climb banners OldQuarry Construct-ion Office DeadEnd S A M G L E S O L T H O O U I N A F F E Bear'sDen Butler'sCottage FrontYard DrawingRoom Top ofTower FifthBank ofNolava MirrorRoom Mullog'sLair PrivateAlley Poont'sLab NorthGate OrchestraPit, inMidair MessHall StoneQuarry QuarryEntrance CenterofVolcano OutsideCourtyard OperaHouse PitBottom NarrowPassage Finney'sHouse PavedRoad LibraryLane MazeEntrance Maze Slope Overlook LowerHallway Foyer East ofHouse Library Leonine'sHouse MagicLab InsideVault VaultDoor FrontDoor UpstairsCorridor Workshop FishPond RockWall CastleLadder CastleLadder CastleLadder UpperBalcony MusicSalon Study ThroneRoom


Orchestra Pit, in MidairDawn

While falling, you can't really do anything, but you can at least try.

> x me. grab root. grab rope.

> grab outcropping. fall.

Pit BottomDawn

One turn after you land, the guards will throw your trumpet into the pit.

> x guards. x case. x puddle. x pit. z.

> take trumpet. take case. (No, case is useless.)

> x case. x trumpet. play trumpet.

> dig pit. g. g. g. g. (+1 in Masonry Deconstruction.)

> e.

Narrow PassageDawn

> x rocks. n.

Stone QuarryDawn

> x hole. x platform. x chain. x debris.

> search debris. g. g. g. g. g. (Cachinnate in the magic lab.)

> stand on platform. (Platform sinks 2 ft.)

> stand. (Platform rises back.)

> e.

Quarry EntranceDawn

> x chunk. (Skeletal hand with note under the granite.)

> take note. read note. (It mentions a lost ring.)

> sw.

Narrow PassageDawn

> drop all. take rock. n.

Stone QuarryDawn

> put rock on platform. (+1 in Mineral Levitation.)

> s.

Narrow PassageDawn

> take all. ne.

Quarry EntranceDawn

> open trapdoor. d. (+3 for Dark Hole Bravery.)

Darkness (three locations)Dawn

> feel walls. listen. smell.

> play trumpet. (+2 for a Seeing-Ear Trumpet; exit is northeast.)

> ne. play trumpet. (Exits are southwest and east.)

> e. play trumpet.

Someone enters from the east, and light streams in.

Construction OfficeDawn

Leonine, the magician, welcomes you to the Nolava Odd Community.

> take manual. (Leonine cleans you up.)

> x Leonine. (Leonine enchants your trumpet bell.)

> ask Leonine about magic. (He ignores you.)

Leonine says there's a ladder to the surface inside a rock spire near old South Plaza. He also mentions the library, but he'd really rather you stay awhile.

> x calendar. (Leonine invites you to tea, then vanishes.)

> x banner. x counter.

> w.

Old QuarryDawn

> x rubber. take rubber. (+1 in Rubber Recycling.)

> x tracks. listen.

> sw.

Dead EndDawn

You can't return up through the trapdoor. It's out of reach.

> x indentation. x trapdoor.

> ne. e.

Construction OfficeDawn

> x manual. read manual.

You're now in Book-Reading Mode. Options: enter a building code, RANDOM, or STOP.

>> random. random. (Codes seem to be 3-digit numbers.)

>> 001. 002. 003. 200. (Codes are from 001 to 116.)

>> 116. 115. 114. (Ring was lost near granite.)

>> stop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your trumpet-magic doesn't always work the first time. If your song-spell fails, try try again until it does work!

> play trumpet. ("Ode to a Duck" summons a white duck!)

> x duck. take duck. (You can't take it.)

> e.

Center of VolcanoDawn

> x building. x plaque. (#001)

> x sky. x park. sw.

Paved RoadDawn

> take piece. (+1 for Piece Collecting.)

> x piece. (Some unhelpful ASCII art.)

> w.

Finney's HouseDawn

> x plaque. look up 030 in manual.

> x house. x mountains.

> sw. (You can't take anything through this doorway!)

> drop all. sw.


> x window. (open, but high up.)

> x rug. move rug. x endtable.

> w.

Lower HallwayDawn

Pulling the arm of the statue doesn't actually do anything useful! I can only assume this was for a puzzle that was never implemented, but the statue was kept anyway.

> x statue. x mallets. (Arm is loose.)

> pull arm. (Heard machinery somewhere.)

> se.


> x shapes. x device. x white slot. x black slot.

> nw. u.

Upstairs CorridorDawn

> look down. x first floor. x statue.

> se.


> x heart. ("Heavy Heart": increases the force of gravity.)

> take heart. learn heart.

> x books. x dictionary. read it.

> x window. x foyer. x outer window.

> x desk. x furniture.

> nw. s.

Music SalonDawn

> x jig. ("Lively Jig": induces dancing in animate creatures.)

> take jig. learn jig. (It's too long.)

> x piano. open lid. take piece. (+1 for Finding Something in an Illogical Location)

> x white piece. close lid. play piano. x stand.

> n. d. se.


> put white piece in white slot. drop jig.

> nw. e. ne.

Finney's HouseDawn

> take all. s.

East of HouseDawn

> x tree. tie band to tree. (+1 for Doing Goofy Things With Rubber)

> put black piece in slingshot.

> shoot slingshot. (+1 for Airborne Commuting)

> n.

Finney's HouseDawn

> drop all. sw.


> take black piece. w. se.


> put black piece in black slot. (+2 for Humouring a Bad Pun)

> x jigsaw. take it.

> cut jig with jigsaw. (+3 in Musical Editing)

> take jig. learn jig.

> cut wood with jigsaw. x armadillo. take it.

You may now, optionally, attempt to destroy as much of the house's contents as you wish. If you don't wish, drop everything and leave the house.

> nw.

Lower HallwayDawn

> cut staircase with jigsaw. u.

Upstairs CorridorDawn

> cut balcony with jigsaw. se.


> cut bookshelf with jigsaw.

> cut furniture with jigsaw.

> cut desk with jigsaw.

> put armadillo in round window. (Broken an Armadillo)

> nw. d. e.


> cut rug with jigsaw. cut endtable with jigsaw.

> x armadillo. drop all. ne.

Meanwhile, King Goosen decrees a duck ban. It is now Early Morning.

Finney's HouseEarly Morning

> take all. s. s.

Fish PondEarly Morning

> x pond. x herring. take herring. (too deep)

> x plaque. look up 031 in manual.

> e.

Rock WallEarly Morning

> x spire. x depression. push it. x rubble.

> ne. e.

Magic LabEarly Morning

If Leonine vanishes while you're trying to interact with him, simply go west then east. Leonine is always in the Magic Lab whenever you actually enter it.

> x rainy. ask Leonine about rainy day. ("take my music")

> take rainy. (+1 for Upsetting a Pyramid.)

> learn rainy. x pyramid.

> x head. x string. pull string. (Repeat pulling the string to hear more recordings.)

> x door. ("Private Quarters")

> cachinnate. (Voice: "glock at the pond")

> w.

Meanwhile, someone tells the King that hamsters are worse than ducks. It's now Midmorning.

Leonine's HouseMidmorning

> e.

Magic LabMidmorning

For this next bit, we want to get Leonine to dance, so he has to be here. If he vanishes again, do that west then east thing again to get him back.

Also, remember that sometimes your magic will randomly fail, so keep trying until it works.

> play jig. (A key falls out of Leonine's pocket as he dances.)

> x key. take key. (+1 for the Borrowing Dance.)

Feel free to ask Leonine about any topics that interest you. If you think of new topics later, return here and ask.

> w. n.

Library LaneMidmorning

> x library. x plaque. look up 089 in manual.

> sw.


> x tome. take tome. read tome.

>> Poont. odd community. (etc)

>> stop.

> x shelf. x box. take pamphlet. read it.

>> 05. 06. 07. 08. stop.

> ne. s. sw. w.

Fish PondMidmorning

> glock. (Voice: "at the gate you ululate")

> n. n. e. ne. n.

Mess HallMidmorning

> x table.

> x brownie. take it. (A man in a helmet grabs it before you can.)

> x cup. take it.

> n.

North GateMidmorning

> x Moilan. look up Moilan in tome. (He likes chocolate.)

> x gate. ask Moilan about gate. (Wants invitation from Squiggy or Poont.)

> ask Moilan about Squiggy. ask Moilan about Poont.

> ask Moilan about Leonine. ask Moilan about Ahtha.

> ask Moilan about brownie. ask Moilan about spear.

> x stone hut. x plaque. look up 048 in manual.

> look up bank in tome. ask Moilan about widow.

> look up Fou-llama in tome. look up Amoshtuff in tome.

> give cup to Moilan. (It's his, but you can keep it for now.)

> give pamphlet to Moilan. ("keep it for a rainy day")

> s. s.

Center of VolcanoMidmorning

You should see clouds as you enter. You need to now successfully play Rainy Day three times. If your magic randomly fails, just keep trying until you get some heavy rain.

> play Rainy. g. g. (+3 Rainmaker)

Investigate that rumble you heard inside the Construction Office:

> w. w. sw.

Dead EndMidmorning

Mud is dripping in from the trapdoor.

> x mud. fill cup with mud.

> ne. e. e. n. n.

North GateMidmorning

> give mud to Moilan. (+2 for Creative Recipes; he's gone.)

> ululate. (Voice: "in the vault you nictitate")

> open gate. nw.

Meanwhile, a worldly man tells King Goosen why hamsters are very bad. It's now Noontime.

Private AlleyNoontime

Because of the multiple plaques, there's some disambiguation awkwardness here, requiring you to be a bit more wordy than usual in this location.

> x tall tower. x cleft. x tower plaque. look up 071 in manual.

> x fifth bank. x bank plaque. look up 045 in manual.

> x black house. x house plaque. look up 059 in manual.

> look up 062 in manual. x door.

> n.

Fifth Bank of NolavaNoontime

CAUTION: Getting on the platform is deadly.

> x portrait. (Of Ahtha.) x platform. x safe.

Put any one thing on the platform. I don't think it matters what as long as it's not you.

> put reference book on platform.

> play heavy. (+2 for Triggering a Lethal Bagpipes Etude.)

> take all from platform.

> get on platform. (It was a one-time trap.)

> x safe. x lock. unlock safe with key.

> open safe. take penned note. read it.

> stand. s.

Private AlleyNoontime

While holding the penned note:

> unlock door. (+1 for Following Directions. Door and note are gone.)

> e.

Poont's LabNoontime

> take book. x it. read it.

> x viewscope. look in it. g. (Repeat looking; you may see new locations like Top of Tower or Inside Vault.)

> x chairs. x prototype. x receptacle.

> play jig. (+2 for Distracting Frick and Frack.)

Note your tone has improved and your embouchure is stronger. This means that your spells won't fail as often.

> n. (While chairs are dancing.)

Mirror RoomNoontime

> x sphere. x round mirror. take it.

> x mirrors. x trumpet.

> touch sphere. (Out of reach.)

> n.

Bear's DenNoontime

> x bear. x pallet.

Note that the bear follows you to Mirror Room when you leave. It doesn't follow you further, though.

> s. s. w. se. s. s. se.

Maze EntranceNoontime

> take scrap. read it. look up 081 in manual.

> look up maze of dread in tome.

> e.


There's only one location in this maze. All directions except east and west loop back here.

> drop scrap. e.


> x ridge. x hole. x valley. x house. x footpath.

> se.

Front DoorNoontime

> x house. x plaque. look up 080 in manual.

> x windows. open window. kick window. x door.

> nw. e.


> x boulder. x rubble. x recess.

> enter recess. play heavy. (+2 in Moving Mountains.)

> out. w. se.

Front DoorNoontime

The boulder has smashed open the door.

> w.

Vault DoorNoontime

> x frame. x vault door.

> put mirror in frame. (+2 for Retro-vampiric Music Location.)

Also, sheet music is revealed.

> take dab. x dab. learn dab.

> e.

Meanwhile, the King grants the use of the Royal Conservatory for the new hamster Persecutor. The King is unconcerned about any displaced musicians. It is now Afternoon.

Front DoorAfternoon

> e. nw. w. w. nw. sw. w. s. s.

Fish PondAfternoon

> play dab. (+1 for Looking Past a Red Herring. The herring becomes blue and swims higher.)

> take herring. (It's too quick for you.)

> play ode. (Summon the duck here.)

> z. (Wait until the duck catches the herring: +2 for Utilizing a Duck.)

> take herring. x herring.

> n. n. e. ne. n. n. nw. e.

Poont's LabAfternoon

You might want to save first before doing this:

> put fish in receptacle. (+1 for Imbalancing a Herring.)

> take herring. w.

Private AlleyAfternoon

> put herring in cleft. (+2 for Blowing Stuff Up with a Fish.)

> d.

Mullog's LairAfternoon

Mullog blocks the stairs up and wants his gold ring back. (Mullog is Gollum backwards.) He also prevents any trumpet-playing.

> x Mullog. x chute. x stairs. x crevice.

> look up Mullog in tome. ask Mullog about ring.

> ask Mullog about Ahtha. tell Mullog about Ahtha.

> ask Mullog about tower (or about Squiggy).

> ask Mullog about toffee. ask Mullog about chute.

> ask Mullog about odd.

> u. (He blocks you.)

> s. (Too high up.)

> e. se. s. s. e.

Outside CourtyardAfternoon

> x plaque. look up 113 in manual.

> look up 114 in manual. look up 115 in manual.

> x building. look up 101 in manual.

> ne.

Grassy CourtyardAfternoon

You begin at "F". You need to spell FOULLAMA without stopping.

> nw. e. nw. n. ne. e. w. (+2 in Crazy Fauna)

> n.

Front YardAfternoon

> x granite. take ring. (+1 for "Insert Witty Punchline about Gold Ring Here")

> x ring. wear ring. (It's too small.)

> make statue. (You'd need the design plans.)

> e.

Drawing RoomAfternoon

Note that the widow is often too distracted with her book to always answer you properly or pay attention to what you're doing.

> x knick-knacks. x fern. x widow. x divan. x novel.

> ask widow about herself. ask widow about community.

> ask widow about book. ask widow about fern.

> ask widow about knick-knacks. ask widow about butler.

> ask widow about maze.

If you try to go east, the bedroom door is reluctant to open. And you can only try when the widow is enthralled with her book.

> w. w.

Butler's CottageAfternoon

> x butler. x furniture. x bed. x book. (It's his diary.)

> x hearth. (Clogged.)

> open curtains. x love. learn love.

> ask butler about love. ask butler about fireplace.

> ask butler about widow. ask butler about maze.

> ask butler about Ahtha. ask butler about statue.

> ask butler about diary. ask butler about fern.

> ask butler about tea.

> e. e.

Drawing RoomAfternoon

If necessary, first wait until the widow is distracted with her book.

> move pot. (You spill soil. The widow will soon call for the butler to clean it up.)

Don't wait for him to arrive:

> w. w.

Butler's CottageAfternoon

> read diary. (The butler has a crush on the widow.)

> e. e.

Drawing RoomAfternoon

If you don't first tell the widow about the diary, playing Love has no useful effect on the widow.

> z. (Wait until the widow is enthralled with her book again.)

> move pot. z. z. (She again calls for her butler.)

> tell widow about diary. (+2 for Meddling. The butler enters.)

> play love. (+2 for Cupid Substitution. She is now Mrs. Amoshtuff.)

You feel that your trumpet-playing has improved again.

> w. s.

Grassy CourtyardAfternoon

To leave, spell AMOSHTUFF, which is now the ex-widow's new name:

> e. se. w. s. w. s. se. w. (+2 for Spousal Solutions.)

> sw.

Meanwhile, the King orders that violins be thrown at a mouse until it confesses its hamster crimes. It is now Late Afternoon.

Outside CourtyardLate Afternoon

> w. n. n. nw. d.

Mullog's LairLate Afternoon

> give ring to Mullog. (+1 for Stomaching the Requisite Cliched Fantasy Reference.)

> u.

Top of TowerLate Afternoon

> x literal. x bars. play dab. (+2 for Colouring Inside the Lines.)

> take literal. learn literal.

> x floor. x machicolations.

> d. e. se. s. s. se. e. e. se. w.

Vault DoorLate Afternoon

> play literal. (+2 for Assisting in the Population Regeneration of the Indigenous Volcano hamster.)

> w.

Inside VaultLate Afternoon

> x ceiling. x curtain. x writing.

> x spirit. take spirit. learn spirit.

> x door. take door.

> nictitate. (Voice: "front yard and ruminate")

> e. e.

Meanwhile, King Goosen orders that all the trumpets be melted down into new "goosen" coins at sundown. It is now Evening.

Front DoorEvening

> nw. w. w. nw. s. s. sw.

Rock WallEvening

> put door in depression. (+1 in Creative Exits.)

The door is, of course, locked. Leonine tells you Finney had the key last, and to check the history books.

> look up Finney in tome. ask Leonine about door.

While Leonine is here, you might as well return his safe key.

> give key to Leonine.

Now let's re-visit the bear.

> ne. n. n. n. n. nw. e. n. n.

Bear's DenEvening

> s. (The bear should again follow you to...)

Mirror RoomEvening

While the bear is here:

> play love. (The bear falls in love with its reflection.)

> n.

Bear's DenEvening

> search pallet. (You find the top of a chimney.)

> d.

Butler's CottageEvening

You can now go freely between butler's cottage and bear's den.

> e.

Front YardEvening

Interesting that there's no south exit here any more.

> ruminate. (Voice: "in the balcony, pandiculate")

> w. u. s. s. w. se. s. s. e. e.

Opera HallEvening

> x stage. x seats. x xylophone. play it.

> x book. play book.

> play modulation. (+4 in Musical Transposition.)

Your talent improves yet again.

> take key. x it.

> w. w. s. s. sw.

Rock WallEvening

> unlock door with silver key. (+1 for Tolerating Yet Another Locked Door Puzzle. The key is gone. And it's now Sunset.)

> open door. e.

Castle Ladder (base)Sunset

> x ladder. u.

Castle Ladder (halfway up)Sunset

If you haven't tried saying XYZZY yet, you may want to try it now. Several times. In my opinion, the Control Room is what's most likely on the other side of this blocked exit.

> x exit. xyzzy.

> u. u.

Upper BalconySunset

> pandiculate. (+1 for the Last Lousy Point.)

> climb banners.

Throne RoomSunset

Guards with cumbersome halberds threaten you.

> play trumpet.

What would you like to play? H (The guards drop their weapons and back away.)

Your skill increases past the bounds of paper music!

The King's Piddle Ball champions threaten you.

> play trumpet.

You have a new list: (O) Ode to a Heavy Duck; (D) Dab of Colourful Rain; (H) Heavy Love; (J) Lively Jig of Modulation; (X) None.

What would you like to play? JorH (J: They dance away; H: they literally fall in love.)

Now the Elite Snipers of Papoosen threaten you.

> play trumpet.

What would you like to play? D (The snipers, now visible, flee.)

Now King Goosen himself threatens you!

> play trumpet.

What would you like to play? O (+10. The king is knocked out by a fat duck.)

Leonine arrives and explains the magic is now coming from you, not your trumpet. Then he spots Finney in the crowd. They nudge you to do something about the king, and you summon a flock of ducks to carry him out of the kingdom.

*** You have won ***

> amusing



Did you try...



Note that you can make the game unwinnable by abandoning the unstable herring in Poont's Lab, letting it explode there.


Although there is an inventory limit, it's a generous one that shouldn't bother you during normal play. The only two intended inventory management puzzles are moving the heavy rock in the quarry and getting the black puzzle piece inside Finney's house.

Reference book topics


You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 70, in several turns, earning you the status of ranking.


Additional feats that do not earn points:


During the main course of the game, you will find, learn, and play these songs:

During the endgame in the Throne Room, your songs have strangely recombined into the following new songs:

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