Key & Compass presents:
Arthur Yahtzee: The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake
by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw"

Arthur Yahtzee: The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2000 by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw".

In this comedic espionage game, you play as Agent Arthur Yahtzee of the Special Secret Service. Your mission is to stop the most evil and sadistic human in the multiverse, Doctor Diablo, from ever using Hell's Cheesecake to return to his home dimension.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Temple to Train station

Queue Reallybig cloud Frontof queue Templeof Hell'sCheese-cake Cloud 10 Morebloodyclouds Trainstation Ealing Rd,Brentford Cloud 9 burn hanky show caketo clerk enter queue eat cake

Map 2: Downtown Heaven

Frontof queue Platform9 West bankof river Trainstation Gardenof Eden Square Square Square Square Comedyclub Bar Hotelreception Bottom ofstairwell Northernend ofhallway Top ofstairwell Southernend ofhallway Hotelroom w show caketo clerk u (stuckdoor) show ticketto conductor d

Map 3: Hell

Platform9 Anotherlittle sliceo' Hell West bankof river Ferry East bankof river Guardchamber Edgeof pit Hell Cracks ofGehenna Satan'sthrone out in show ticketto conductor enter boat give tokento ferryman enter pit

Note: If you're recrossing the river, show the golden ticket to the ferryman instead of giving the token.


Temple of Hell's Cheesecake

Check out your stuff before taking the cake.

> x me. i. x dogtags. (has your name on them)

> x watch. open watch. (has two pills)

> x suicide. x knockout. close watch.

> x pen. x torch.

> x cheesecake. x podium.

> take cake. (+5)

> s.

Ealing Road, Brentford

> x Diablo.

> eat cake. (+10. You are now on...)

Cloud 9; Cloud 10; More bloody clouds

> n. e. n.

Really big cloud

> x queue. e. (can't: "Wait your turn!")

> enter queue.


> x man.

> man, hi. (He ignores you.)

> z. (Continue to wait until the man drops a hanky.)

Note: You only have a limited amount of time to interact with the hanky. If the queue shuffles forward, you'll have to wait again until the man drops another hanky.

> x hanky. burn hanky. (+10. You proceed to...)

Front of queue

The clerk asks, "Name?"

> show dogtags to clerk. (+5)

The clerk asks, "How did you get up here?"

> show cake to clerk. (+10)

He takes you to God who gives you a season ticket and tells you to return the cheesecake to its rightful owner.

He also says to go prepared, so perhaps you shouldn't board the train right away.

Train station

> x ticket. (Free travel to and from Hell indefinitely.)

> s.

Square (northwest corner)

> s.

Square (southwest corner)

> s.

Hotel reception

> e.

Bottom of stairwell

> u.

Top of stairwell

> w.

Northern end of hallway

> x tag. ("Please clean the room")

> open door. (stuck)

> take tag.

> s.

Southern end of hallway

> open door. (locked)

> put tag on door. (+5; the door unlocks itself)

> open door. e.

Hotel room

> x bed. look under bed.

> x pillow. open pillow. x key. take it. (+5)

> x stuffing.

> w. n. e. d. w. n. e. e.

The 'Chuckling Cherub' comedy club

> x stage. x seat.

> sit on seat. (Jesus arrives and begins a comedy act.)

> x Jesus. laugh. (+5; you get something.)

> i. x coupon.

> stand. e.

Bar in the 'Chuckling Cherub'

> x barman. x bar. (no drinks?)

> ask barman about ANYTHING. (disinterested in chat)

> give coupon to barman. (+5; you get a bottle)

> x bottle.

> w. w. n.

Square (northeast corner)

> x gate. open gate. (locked)

> unlock gate with key. open gate. n.

Garden of Eden

> x bench. x newspaper. take it.

> open newspaper. (+10. Something falls out.)

> look. take token. x it.

> s. w. n. n.

Platform 9

> x train. x conductor.

> show ticket to conductor. (You take the train to...)

West bank of river

> x river. x jetty. x bell.

> enter jetty. (doesn't look safe)

> ring bell. z. z. z. (+5. A boat arrives.)

> x boat. enter boat.


> x ferryman.

> show token to ferryman. (+10. You arrive at...)

East bank of river

> e.

Guard chamber

CAUTION: Don't open the bottle.

> x message. x Cerberus. x bowl. take it.

> open watch. take knockout.

> put bottle in bowl. put knockout in bowl.

Giving the bowl directly to the dog doesn't work, but this does:

> drop bowl. push bowl. (+5)

> x dog. e.

Edge of pit

> x sign. ("Hell This Way. NO LIVING PEOPLE PLEASE!")

> x pit. enter pit. (You're rejected.)

> take pill. eat pill. enter pit. (+10)


> i. (Only have cheesecake and golden ticket now.)

> n.

Another little slice o' Hell

> x helmet. take it.

> s. s.

Satan's throne

> x Satan. give cake to Satan. (He tells you to go away.)

Perhaps you need a new look:

> wear helmet.

> give cake to Satan. (He tells you to put it in the Cracks of Gehenna.)

> n. e.

Cracks of Gehenna

> x lava.

> put cake in lava. (+5. It's gone.)

> w. s.

Satan's throne

> tell Satan about cakeortell Satan about Gehenna. (+10)

In return for destroying his wife's cheesecake, Satan returns you to life, albeit in the middle of the Sahara desert.

*** You have won ***






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