Key & Compass presents:
Ariadne in Aeaea
by Victor Ojuel

Ariadne in Aeaea is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Victor Ojuel. It was an entry in IF Comp 2016 where it took 12th place. At the 2016 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in the Best Setting category.

In this game, you play as the wayward Ariadne of Knossos, daughter of Minos, of the royal line of Pasiphaë the Sun-Maiden, and an initiate priestess of the Isle of Aeaea. Returning to the palace after a tryst with two shepherd boys, you discover your younger sister Phaedra has been ordained a potnia before you. Potinaja wept. Phaedra then orders you to convey her respects your aunt Circe, the High Priestess, and if you do not, she'll have you assigned to be her personal handmaiden.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Pebblebeach Northerncrags Crestpath Ruggedhills Shepherd'shut Circe'schambers Clifftoppath Palacestores Palacemegaron Ceremonialentrance Harbourtown u d d u


Shepherd's hut

> x me. (Ariadne of Knossos, daughter of Minos)

> i. (nude and empty-handed)

> x jug. (empty, used to have wine)

> take jug. take brooch. x it. (gold, lion rampant)

> x men. (One worth it, the other only passable.)

> x clothes. take clothes. (Your tunic isn't there.)

> x bed. look. x rack. x bread. take bread.

> x pile. pray.

> outorw.

Rugged hills

> x goats. (One is eating your tunic.)

> give bread to goat. take tunic.

> wear tunic. (pinning it with the brooch)

Now you can sneak back into the palace, the kitchen preferably.

> x sun. talk to sun.

> w. s. sw.

Ceremonial entrance to the palace

Your younger sister, Phaedra, as a newly-ordained potria, belittles and blackmails you.

> x sister. talk to Phaedra. g. g. g.

> x priestesses. x archers.

> w. u.

Circe's chambers

> x map. x figurines.

> x Circe. talk to Circe. g. g.

She's done with you unless you give her a reason to talk further.

> show brooch to Circe. talk to Circe.

You are now a secret agent. Circe passes a clay token and the brooch to you.

> x token. take it. take brooch. talk to Circe.

> d. w.

Palace stores

> x Satiah. talk to Satiah.

> give token to Satiah. (You get new garments.)

> take garments. x garments.

> give jug to Satiah. (You get it refilled.)

> i. (The jug's full of water.)

> drink jug. (It helps alleviate your hangover.)

> give jug to Satiah. (Again, it's filled with water.)

> talk to Satiah. talk to Satiah.

> e. e. ne. n. e. e.

Shepherd's hut

> remove tunic. wear garments.

> x bed. x rack. pull rack. x rack. x hole.

> take daidala. x it. push rack.

> w. w. s. sw. w. u.

Circe's chambers

> show daidala to Circe.

> d. e. se.

Harbour town

> x whores. x sailors. x ships. x dolphin.

> talk to whores. show brooch to whore.

> nw. ne. n. nw.

Northern crags

The goatherd isn't here until you've talked with the whore.

> x goatherd. talk to goatherd. g.

> show daidala to goatherd. d.

Pebble beach at the foot of the cliffs

> x warship. x bodies.

> talk to goatherd. (You discover a living boy among the dead.)

> x boy. talk to boy. give jug to boy. (The boy is Icarus.)

> talk to boy. show daidala to boy. talk to boy.

> u. se. s. sw. w. u.

Circe interrogates Icarus. You finally get some breakfast. And then Circe sends for you to discuss your future.

*** Thus begins the legend of Ariadne of Knossos, Mistress of the Labyrinth ***

> amusing



This is the response to AMUSING after you've won the game:

Circe sighs, her eyes still on the setting sun.

"Praised be the Goddess, here we go. Listen, Ariadne have you tried...


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Ariadne in Aeaea by Víctor Ojuel
Made with Inform 7, September 2016.

Art by Ara Carrasco.

The author wishes to thank those who kindly (and bravely!) tested this game in its infancy, namely Ara Carrasco, Matthew Holland, Liz Mercuri and Andrew Schultz.

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