Key & Compass presents:
Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift
by Purple Dragon

Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift is an ADRIFT 3.90 adult interactive fiction game and is © 2005 by Purple Dragon. The game contains pornographic content and is probably not suitable for everyone.

This is a pornographic text game based on characters from Archie Comics. As Reggie Mantle, you can explore Riverdale, take some tests in the high school classrooms, and spy on Betty and Veronica's steamy make-out session in the girls' shower room!

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Reggie's House

u in Riverdale d out UpstairsBathroom DownstairsBathroom UpstairsHall FrontHall LivingRoom BackYard YourBedroom Bedroom YourCloset Kitchen Closet

Your Bedroom

There is little of interest in your own room, and nothing of interest in the rest of the house. All you have to do is find and take your camcorder and get outta there.

> x me. x mirror. x poster. x cock. masturbate.

> x desk. open desk. x camcorder. take it.

> w. d. out.


Reggie'sHouse RiverdaleHigh in out out out Washingtonand Elm Sabrina'sHouse Mallentrance Cheryl'sHouse Washingtonand Oak YourHouse Alley Midge'sHouse Jeffersonand Elm Archie'sHouse Jeffersonand Maple Moose'sHouse Jeffersonand Oak Ethel'sHouse Jughead'sHouse Dilton'sHouse Rooseveltand Elm Betty'sHouse Rooseveltand Maple School --MainEntrance Rooseveltand Oak YouthCenter ChocolateShoppe School --GymEntrance Lincolnand Elm Library Lincolnand Maple School --StadiumEntrance Lincolnand Oak LodgeFence LodgeGate LodgeFence out in in in

Your House

I'm not sure why the description of this room refers to you (Reggie) in the third person.

> x house. x trees. climb trees.

There's not much to do in the town, either. At everyone's home you can do "x house" to get a description of the person who lives there. Or "x mall", "x library", "x center", etc. at other buildings to find out what Reggie thinks of those places. But all you can really do is get to the school. I suggest going in the gym entrance.

> s. e. e. e. e. s. s. s. in.

Riverdale High

out d u u in out in d out in Weather-bee'sOffice MainHall 1 AdmissionsOffice SupplyRoom HistoryClass MainHall 2 ScienceClass EnglishClass MainHall 3 MathClass Basement Back ofschool OutsideGym Gym Mainten-anceRoom Stadium GuysLockerRoom GuysShowers Riverdale Walkway Riverdale Riverdale

Maintenance Room

> x door. open door. w.


You aren't interested in gym equipment. If you try going north into the girls' locker room, you'll decide against it. The guys' locker room has lockers (none of which you can open), and the guys' showers has a showerhead and controls (none of which you can use). You can attempt to jerk off in the guys' rooms, but Reggie won't take the risk.

> w. w. n. d.


You can ask Svenson about Weatherbee, Brown, Grundy, Flutesnoot, etc. but he's not exactly bubbling with things to say about any of them. And you can also ask about Svenson, tickets.

> x svenson. ask svenson about door. yes. u. n. n. e.

Admissions Office

A detour to chat with Miss Brown. It seems obvious that you'd like to take your pleasure with Miss Brown on the table in the supply room to the east, but if that's possible to do, I've yet to figure it out. Certainly the supply room responds to commands like "kiss brown" in a way that it doesn't do elsewhere.

> x brown. x blouse. x tits. x skirt. x legs. x pussy. x desk.

> ask brown about brown. ask brown about computer. ask brown about me.

> ask brown about weatherbee. ask brown about grundy.

> ask brown about blouse. ask brown about skirt.

> ask brown about tits. ask brown about pussy. ask brown about cock.

> ask brown about sex.

Oh well. Maybe in another chapter.

> w. w.

Weatherbee's Office

You can't refer to Weatherbee as "Bee". You can ask Weatherbee about Brown, Svenson, Grundy, Flutesnoot, Hagley, Clayton, Kleats, and key. You can examine his desk, nameplate, pen, calendar, carpet, chairs, and filing cabinets.

> x weatherbee. talk to weatherbee.

> ask weatherbee about tickets. yes. e. s. w.

History Class

You can ask Grundy about test, Weatherbee, Brown, Svenson, Grundy, Flutesnoot, Hagley, Clayton, Kleats. You can also examine the desk, desks, blackboard, and pictures. During the test, you'll get 1 point per right answer, and they'll be awarded immediately, so you can 'undo' if you miss one.

> x grundy. x tits. ask grundy about test. take the test.

>> C. A. B. B. D. (+5)

> e. e.

Science Class

You can only ask Flutesnoot about the test; he's too busy to talk. You can't call him "prof".

> x flutesnoot. take the test.

>> B. C. A. B. C. (+5)

> w. s. w.

English Class

You can only ask Hagley about the test; she's too long-winded to say anything of value. You can examine the pictures.

> x hagley. x tits. take the test.

>> B. D. B. A. C. (+5)

> e. e.

Math Class

You can only ask Clayton about the test; he won't discuss the staff with you. You can't call him "coach".

> x clayton. take the test.

>> B. A. C. D. C. (+5)

> w. n. n. w.

Weatherbee's Office

> check with weatherbee. (+1) x tickets. e. s. s. d.


> give tickets to svenson. (+5) x key. u. s. e. e. e.

Maintenance Room

> unlock door. u.


u Mainten-anceroom d Walkway --above girlslocker room Walkway --above girlsshowers Walkway --above gym Walkway --above main-tenance Walkway --above guyslocker room Walkway --above guysshowers

Walkway -- above maintenance

> w.

Walkway -- above gym

You can look through the holes in the floor of any walkway location to spy on whatever's happening below. Even the guys' locker room and showers will appear to be occupied, even though they're empty every time you actually visit there.

> x holes. n.

Walkway -- above girls locker room

> x holes. e.

Walkway -- above girls showers

CAUTION: Don't plan on walking away from this location once you use the camcorder. The camcorder disappears when you use it and starts the scene. If you leave and return, you won't be able to continue this scene. And this scene is the major point of the game; if you've played this far, you probably don't want to miss it.

> x holes. use camcorder.

There's a huge infodump where you see various girls in the shower, including Midge, Ethel, and Cheryl. Eventually they'll all leave, and Betty and Veronica will enter and start their shower. The game will suggest that by force of will or wishful thinking, you'll be able to mentally guide them into performing sexual acts on each other. So you (Reggie) get to act as an unseen porn director, and your first task is to ease them into light sexplay and get them more comfortable with each other.

You cannot refer to Veronica as "Ronnie".

Would you like to see our menu, sir?

  • betty
  • veronica
  • talk to
  • wash
  • touch
  • kiss
  • lick
  • veronica's
  • betty's
  • neck
  • hair
  • legs
  • tits
  • ass
  • pussy

> betty talk to veronica. (Do this first to stop Veronica from leaving.)

I suppose we should look them over first. They're not going anywhere now.

> x betty. x veronica. x betty's neck. x veronica's neck.

> x betty's hair. x veronica's hair. x betty's tits. x veronica's tits.

> x betty's bum. x veronica's bum. x betty's legs. x veronica's legs.

> x betty's pussy. x veronica's pussy. x water. x washcloth. x soap.

First try some light kissing. We'll let Veronica take the lead, and Betty will echo it back.

> veronica kiss betty. betty kiss veronica.

> veronica kiss betty. betty kiss veronica. (yes, four kisses in total.)

Further simple kisses won't do much. Let's try washing next. Hair is already washed.

> veronica wash betty's back. betty wash veronica's back.

> veronica wash betty's tits. betty wash veronica's tits.

> veronica wash betty's ass. betty wash veronica's ass.

> veronica wash betty's legs. betty wash veronica's legs.

> veronica wash betty's pussy. betty wash veronica's pussy.

Let's try touching next. You can't touch hair, neck, or back. (What do you mean, 'mechanical'?)

> veronica touch betty's tits. betty touch veronica's tits.

> veronica touch betty's legs. betty touch veronica's legs.

> veronica touch betty's ass. betty touch veronica's ass.

> veronica touch betty's pussy. betty touch veronica's pussy.

Body part kissing time. Hair, back, and pussy cannot be kissed.

> veronica kiss betty's neck. betty kiss veronica's neck.

> veronica kiss betty's tits. betty kiss veronica's tits.

> veronica kiss betty's legs. betty kiss veronica's legs.

> veronica kiss betty's ass. betty kiss veronica's ass.

Roll out the tongue. Hair, neck, and back cannot be licked. They're not ready to lick pussy - yet.

> veronica lick betty's tits. betty lick veronica's tits.

> veronica lick betty's legs. betty lick veronica's legs.

hm. This is taking a while. I guess we can try doing things twice? They're no longer interested in "washing"; let's start with touching again.

> veronica touch betty's tits. betty touch veronica's tits.

> veronica touch betty's ass. betty touch veronica's ass.

> veronica touch betty's pussy. betty touch veronica's pussy.

And more kissing... and licking...

> veronica kiss betty's tits. betty kiss veronica's tits.

> veronica lick betty's ass. betty lick veronica's ass.

> veronica lick betty's pussy. (+1) betty lick veronica's ass. (+1)

> jerk off.

The scene's not over! Keep guessing commands! Type harder! Harder! Oh yes, like that!

> veronica touch betty's tits. (+1) betty touch veronica's tits. (+1)

> veronica touch betty's ass. (+1) betty touch veronica's ass. (+1)

> veronica touch betty's pussy. (+1) betty touch veronica's pussy. (+1)

> veronica kiss betty's tits. (+1) betty kiss veronica's tits. (+1)

> veronica lick betty's tits. betty lick veronica's tits. (+1)

Yay, we won. (We only got 36 out of 50, but that's probably because we failed to seduce Miss Brown.) You get a code to continue to chapter 2: Veronica's Gift, where Veronica, returning home, can't help but notice Billy, the shirtless and muscular limo driver who is washing the car. Hmmm. What could this mean?

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