Key & Compass presents:
Apartment F209
by Ben Parrish

Apartment F209 is a Z-machine text adventure game written with Inform 6 and is © 1997 by Ben Parrish.

In this coding exercise written to help the author learn the Inform language, you play as a man living in a squalid apartment with a large cat that hates you. Your goals are to explore the apartment, feed the cat, find your car keys, and drive off to somewhere else.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


SecretParkingLot ParkingLot The GreatOutdoors LivingRoom Kitchen Bedroom Closet (win/die)

Living Room

The cat wanders, so examine him right away.

> x cat. x me. i. x note. x door.

> verbose.

> s.


> x suitcase. open it. x stuff.

> search stuff. g. g.

> x opener. x flashlight.

> w.


> turn on flashlight. turn on switch. (+1)


> turn off flashlight.

> x bar. x keys. take keys.

> turn off switch.

> e. n. e.


> take can. x it. open it. (using the can opener)

> i. x gross food. eat it.

> put gross food in bowl. (+1)

> take bowl. pet cat. take cat. kiss cat.

> drop large cat. drop food can.

> w. s.


You can't put anything more into the suitcase.

> close suitcase. take it. n.

Living Room

> open door. n.

The Great Outdoors

If the cat came out as well:

> close door. ne.

Parking Lot

> x car. unlock car with keys.

> open car. enter car. close car.

> turn on car. w. (+1)

Secret Parking Lot

> e. e.

If the cat is outside the house:

*** You have died ***


*** You have won ***

Actually, you die in the winning ending too, you at least you die happy.





You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 3, in some turns.

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