Key & Compass presents:
And yet it moves
by Orion Zymaris

And yet it moves is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2014 by Orion Zymaris. It was entered in IF Comp 2014 where it took 27th place.

It's 1630, outside a cottage near Florence, Italy. You play as Andrea Sarti, a former student of Galileo. Galileo is currently under house arrest for blasphemy; your first task is to check on his health.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Scene 1: Hello, Galileo

Mainstreet Chamber Kitchen Ante-chamber MainRoom Foothills Garden


> x me. i. x purse. x bag. x case.

> x house.

> open case. x clothes. x books.

> open purse. x florins.

You can't explicitly knock on the door, but fortunately you do so in the story.

> n.


Conversation in this game is best done with TALK TO. Although ASK ABOUT is supported, everyone has at best only one topic of conversation, which I personally found more frustrating.

> x Virginia. x monk.

> talk to Virginia. talk to monk.

> e.

Main Room

Er, a coffee table in 1630? A quick Google search tells me that coffee itself arrived in Venice in 1615, but coffee tables as such didn't get invented until 1920.

> x Galileo. x chair. x table.

> x bible. take paper. x it. show paper to monk.

Scene 2: Key to the World

Main Room

The monk runs off and Galileo quickly tells you that he has something for you that the church must not get.

But before he can tell you what, the monk returns, and Galileo instead asks for a spoon from the cupboard.

> x transcript. x globe.

> w. w.


Although alone with Virginia here, she seems to have no conversation topics available.

> x table. x geese. x vegetables.

> x cupboard. read lettering. ("The garden holds the key.")

> x ramp.

> w.


> x potato. take metal.

> i. x key. ("I am the key to unlocking the world.")

> x carrot. x apple. e.


> open cupboard. take spoon.

> e. n.


> x Galileo's bed. x Virginia's bed.

> x holy water. ("Holius Waterus Inc."? Are you kidding me?)

> s. e.

Main Room

> unlock globe with key. open globe.

Inside, you discover a manuscript which you automatically take. Galileo bids you leave for Florence and gives you a note of credit. You return the key.

Scene 3: Hiding a Book By Its Cover

Market Avenue Barber Winery Square TrinketShop Barber'sattic Aligheristreet Mainstreet Tailors Alley Milliners Book-binders FlorenceBank Ferruciostreet Foothills u d

Main Room

> i. x Discoursi. x note. (Your full name is mentioned here.)

> w. s. w.

Main Street

New goal: disguise the book.

> put book in travel case. close case.

> s.


If you have no interest in exploring the town of Florence, jump to getting down to business.

> s.


You learn you need to find a bank and that the person at the winery is named Vincenzo. This game has a weird 'where is the bank' plot point that it would you to hit by finding the winery and the barber shop before you find the bank, which is a bit silly since it's quite likely you'll find the bank on your own before you find all of those other places.

> x bookbinder. x table. x scroll. x tools. x works.

> n. w.


> x tailor. talk to tailor.

> e. e.


> x assistant. talk to assistant.

> w. n. n. w.


If you didn't visit the bookbinder earlier, Vincenzo is instead listed here as the "shop assistant". Unfortunately, you can't refer to him as "assistant", only by his name.

> x wine. x Vincenzo. x tables. x bottles.

> talk to Vincenzo.

> e. e.

Trinket Shop

Although you can buy some of these items, I suggest you don't. If you overspend buying this stuff, you'll put the game into an unwinnable state because you won't be able to afford your supplies in scene 4.

> x engraving. x marble. x figurine.

> w. ne. e.


> x owner. x customer. x staff.

> talk to owner.

> u.

Barber's attic

> x box. open box.

> x parchment. x scales. x logbook.

> d. w. sw. s. s.


Getting down to business:

> se. w.

Florence Bank

> x counter. x teller.

> talk to teller. i. x sack.

> e. nw. s.


> talk to bookbinder.

You hand the sack and book over and the bookbinder gives the book a new cover.

Scene 4: Shopping


> open case. x Analogies.

> n. n. n. n.


> open bag. x list.

You need: a water vessel, 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 meat.

> x vessel. buy it. (It costs F0.2.)

> x carrot. (F0.1) x norange. (F0.2) x coriander (F0.2)

> x pumpkin. (F0.3) x apple. (F0.1)

> x lamb. (costs F0.5.) x veal. (costs F0.4)

> x cow. x sundial.

> buy carrot. buy norange. buy coriander.

> buy pumpkin. buy apple. buy lamb.

That's all you need, and your coach will be arriving soon.

> s. s. w.

Alighieri street

> x driver. talk to driver. enter coach.

You're taken to the Boatman's Inn in Amsterdam.

Scene 5: Holland

u d Type-settingroom Lippersheystreet foyer Main Inn anotherroom hall Yourroom

Your room

It's not immediately clear what you're expected to do here.

> x desk. open desk. x pencil. x scraps.

> out. w. d.

Main Inn

> x landlord. x resident.

> talk to landlord. talk to resident.

> n. e.


> x gentleman. x desk.

> put Discoursi on desk. n.

Typesetting room

The job will take a month.

> x type.

> s. w. s. u. e.

Your room

A month passes. A package has arrived. Somewhere.

Oddly, you seem to have the same amount of money as before, even though the room costs a half Florin every day. Also, all the food you bought in Florence is still fresh and uneaten, but ignore all that.

Unfortunately, the next story trigger happens by opening your door, and if the door's already open (and it might be), you'll be wandering around wondering where the package is.

> close door. open door. (The landlord gives you a box, although not into your inventory.)

> take package. open it.

> x Discoursi.

*** The End ***





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