Key & Compass presents:
Amusement Park
by Penczer Attila

Amusement Park is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Penczer Attila (as "Algol"). It took 3rd place in the Commodore 32 Contest, where the storyfile entries could be no larger than 32K in size.

In this small relaxing slice-of-life game, it's the last day of summer and a few hours before sunset. You have just found an abandoned amusement park in a nearby forest and you've decided to explore it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


House ofMirrors (end) (ticket huthas no door) Darkness Bedroom Top ofthe Stairs Cavern Hall SnackBar Mansion Cellar In Front ofthe MirrorHouse Middleof thePark Near theSlide Top ofthe Slide FerrisWheel Merry-go-round Entrance enter hole d in u in d d u ? u slide



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> x hut. x window. e. open hut. (no door)

> search hut. (+10; found a ticket)

> x ticket. read ticket. ("for Sidney")

> n.

Middle of the Park

> x box. x lever. pull lever. x map.

> n.

Snack Bar

> x window. x counter.

> x pliers. take pliers.

> x cone. take cone. eat cone. (+5)

> s.

Middle of the Park

> pull lever with pliers. (+10; pliers stuck where they are.)

> listen to box. (humming)

> ne.


> x mansion. in.


Door slams shut behind you!

> x furniture. x table. x fruits. eat fruits. (they evade you)

> x chandelier. x armor. search armor. (it moves)

> u.


> x graffiti. ("Beware of Premature Convergence")

> u. (you stop, seeing a barrel)

> x barrel. search barrel. ("Plugh!")

> plugh. (a voice laughs)

> u.


> d.

Top of the Stairs

> x portraits. search portraits. (one shakes her head)

> n.


Every bit of furniture has the same description:

> x bed. x bookshelf. x nightstand. x cabinet. x piano.

> open cabinet. x slot machine.

> pull lever. z. z. z. (ejects a black thing)

> look. x portable hole. take hole.

> unfold hole. (It's now spread on the floor.)

> enter hole. (+10; you're back at...)


> sw. e.

Near the Slide

> x slide. x sand. (+5; found a carpet)

> x carpet. x ladder. x frames.

> x rabbit. climb rabbit. (+5)

> climb ladder.

Top of the Slide

> slide. (You fail to have the fun you desire.)

Near the Slide

> u.

Top of the Slide

> drop carpet. sit on carpet. slide. (+5)

Near the Slide

> take carpet. u.

Top of the Slide

> drop carpet. sit on carpet. slide. (+5)

> w. se.


> x creatures. x panel. x switch. push switch.

> get on saddle. (+10; you enjoy the ride then dismount)

> nw. sw.

Ferris Wheel

> x wheel. x swings. x panel.

> push switch. enter swings. (+10)

> ne. w.

In Front of the Mirror House

> x house. x pedestal.

> in.

House of mirrors (several locations)

The maze is randomized, but it's also not a real maze. Choose any valid direction while in the house of mirrors to move forward. After seven moves, you'll be outside again.

> DIRECTION. (Repeat until outside: +10)

In Front of the Mirror House

> e. nw.


> x panel. x canoe. push switch. (Nothing happens.)

> e.


> x wall. x peg. push peg. (+5; you hear water pouring)

> w.


> push switch. (The wire pulls the canoe away and returns it.)

> enter canoe. push switch. (+10)

> out. se. s.


> s.

... leave the park? yes

You left the park.

You have scored 100 out of 100 (finishing 7 out of 7 playthings), in several turns.



This is a solo-adventure; no one else is in it, not even animals. However, we can make a short list of representations of creatures:


The text from the park_readme.txt file:

Amusement Park
Written for the Commodore 32 Contest - 2004
Copyright (C) Algol (Penczer Attila, email redacted)

This game is freeware. It may be used and distributed freely provided no commercial profit is involved, but comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

Due to the size restriction of the contest, the game is missing some functionality found in other text adventures. The following things don't work:

  3. Compound commands (OPEN CHEST AND TAKE ALL FROM IT)
  4. He/she/it processing
  5. SCRIPT commands (transcript can only be turned on at the beginning of the game)
  6. HELP/INFO/HINTS (see the enclosed walkthru.txt file for a walkthrough of the game)

Thanks to Graham Nelson (for the inform compiler), Dave Bernazzani (for the mInform library), Sidney Merk (for spending countless hours betatesting the game), and you (for playing it).



The response to SCORE is:

You have scored your-score out of 100 (finishing some out of 7 playthings), in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

The playthings are:

  1. The mansion. Finish this plaything by escaping it via the black hole.
  2. The slide. Finish this plaything by sliding down the slide while sitting on the carpet.
  3. The rabbit frame near the slide. Finish this plaything by climbing it.
  4. The merry-go-round. Finish this plaything by successfully riding it.
  5. The ferris wheel. Finish this plaything by successfully riding it.
  6. The mirror house. Finish this plaything by escaping it.
  7. The canoe. Finish this plaything by successfully riding it.

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