Key & Compass presents:
by Dustin Rhodes

Amnesia is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2003 by Dustin Rhodes (as "crazydwarf"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2003 where it took 27th place.

In this poorly-written game, you play as someone who washed ashore onto an island. You were supposed to have amnesia, but you don't, so the author will make up a new story where you just need to solve a few puzzles and leave the island with a treasure.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


(end) secondroom inmy puzzle a largeroom large roominside amountain entranceto amountain caveenterance cave long beach(boat) long beach(cloth, sail) Insidethe Vault home sewingguild insidevolcano(dead end) insidevolcano entranceto avolcano town forest beach(starfish) beach(rock) beach(chest)


Please note that this is the author's first game and he was still in high school when he wrote it, so try not to be too harsh about the problems with this game, of which there are several.

beach (by rock)

The spirit guide will be your constant companion in this game. He's pretty annoying and all-but-useless, so try to mostly ignore him.

> about. verbose. x me. i. (carrying nothing.)

> x guide. x rock. look under rock. x key.

> w.

beach (by starfish)

You can't do much with the starfish, but it's almost the only scenery item in the game, so enjoy it while you have the chance.

> x starfish. take starfish. (ouch)

> e. e.

beach (by chest)

Because of the inventory limit, I'll be dropping some objects when they're no longer needed.

> x chest. unlock chest with key.

> drop key. open chest.

> x flashlight. take it. (+10)

> ask guide about flashlight.

> w. n.


> ask guide about volcano. ask guide about jungle.

> ne.

sewing guild

The sewers aren't implemented and they only react to you when you try to leave.

> sw. nw.


> x tools. (Need to buy them.)

> ask guide about money.

> se. n.

the entrance to a mountain

> n. (Blocked. Voice says you need light other than a flashlight.)

> s. w.

entrance to a volcano

> x branch. take it. ask guide about branch.

> w.

Your branch becomes a flaming branch.

inside volcano (intersection)

> take branch. x it.

> n. (Can't go in yet?)

> w.

inside volcano (dead end)

> e. e. e. e.


> e. (The branch burns the underbrush away and you reach...)

cave enterance

> e.


> take note. x note.

> w. w. w. w. w.

inside volcano

> n. (The vault says you can go in because you have the note.)

Inside the Vault

> x money. take it.

> s. e. e. nw.


> buy tools. take lantern.

> se. n.

the entrance to a mountain

> n.

You don't need to turn the lantern on, and in fact, you can't. You still need the flashlight to see in the dark.

A large room inside a mountain

> ne.

a large room

> x pedestal. x peanut.

> take peanut. (+100000)

> sw. nw.

the second room in my puzzle

> take ordinary key. unlock ordinary chest with ordinary key.

> drop key. open ordinary chest. take red key.

> unlock crystal chest with red key.

> drop key. open crystal chest. take green key.

> unlock blue chest with green key.

> drop key. open blue chest. take blue key. (ignore the crystal key)

> unlock red chest with blue key.

> drop key. open red chest. take main key. (+10)

> n. (Using the main key...)

long beach (by boat)

> x boat. e.

long beach (east end)

There was obviously supposed to be a sequence where you pick up the cloth from here, and take it to the sewers guild. They'd repair the cloth, turning it into a sail, which you'd take to the boat. But that code just doesn't work right, and I'm guessing the author was running out of time, so he just left the sail here to pick up too.

By the way, if you just want the sail, refer to it as the fixed sail to get around the disambiguation question.

> take cloth. take sail.

> w. n.

*** You have won the game but you can choose to undo the current command and continue to explore ***



Not implemented as game objects, but they're still part of the story:



Note that after 200 turns, you get peckish, but there's no food in this game. Death by starvation was part of early TADS 2's default handling of food, and you will die after 240 turns. Of course, you have not won the game and you cannot continue to explore in this circumstance, but you see this winning ending message just the same because it's the game's only ending message.


Note that you have an inventory limit of ten items.


In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of your-score points out of a possible 100.

That adds up to 100110 points, not counting getting the cloth sewn.

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