Key & Compass presents:
Alcohol solves everything
by Christos Dimitrakakis

Alcohol solves everything is a Z-machine work of interactive fiction written with Inform 6 and is © 2007 by Christos Dimitrakakis. It was a participant in the Speed-IF Introcomp event.

In this work, which sucks, you play as someone who wakes up in their underwear in tufty's guest bedroom. It's not at all obvious what you're expected to do, and I couldn't solve it either, but I think you're supposed to find your clothes, some alcohol, and the spirit of SpeedIF.

Possibly this work can't be completed? I honestly don't know.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.


u The Cave The Cave DarkCorridor d GuestBedroom MasterBedroom FirstFloorCorridor UpstairsLanding Bathroom Office Sauna WorkRoom Down-stairsLanding Toilet Foyer TheLounge The Shed TheEntranceHall DarkForest In FrontOf TheHouse

NOTE 1: I could never get into the Master Bedroom or the Office, but disassembling tools suggests that the most interesting parts of the work are in there, but both doors are locked, and I don't think there are any keys. I think other events somehow trigger them open. Maybe the goat can open those doors for you?

NOTE 2: At some point the lights dim, and it's no longer possible to see in the Work Room without the torch. Other rooms' descriptions are also altered for darkened conditions.

Partial Walkthrough

NOTE: Although you're often told you're thirsty, hungry, cold, etc., it all seems to be background noise. You can apparently go about for virtual days without drinking, eating, warm clothes, etc. I never found anything to eat, anyway, and oddly, there's no kitchen.

Guest Bedroom

> about. x me. i. x underwear.

> x rug. x window. x snow. x mountains.

> x closet. open closet. look in closet. x hair.

> x bed. x sheets. take sheets.

> x door. x hinges. x glass.

> x backpack. open it. x torch.

> x nightstand. x lamp. x watch.

> open door. s.

First Floor Corridor

> x coins. take coins.

> w. open master door. (locked)

> s. open office door. (locked)

> e.

Upstairs Landing

> x carpet. x skylight. x door. x stairs.

> open door. e.


> x booth. x toilet. x washbasin. x cupboard. x window.

> s.


> x benches. n. w. d.

Downstairs Landing

> n.


> s. e.


> x hydraulics. x toilet. x basin. x drain.

> x wiresorx bulb.

> x machine.

> w. s.

The Foyer

> x table. x rack. e.

The Lounge

> x bottle. x brandy. x cabinet. look in cabinet.

> x rum. x gin. x whiskey. x vodka. x tequila.

> x couch. x chair. x table. x fireplace. x bar.

> x drapes.

> w. s.

The Entrance Hall

When does the front door open?

> close front door.

======BREAKS IN THE NARRATIVE=================

Work Room

When does the work room lose light?

> x walls. x red light. (An oven?)

The Foyer

In Front Of The House

> close door. x roof. w.

Dark Forest

> x valley. take snow. x leaves.

> n.

The Shed

> x junk. n.

Dark Corridor

> n.

The Cave

> x goat. (It wanders south.)

> look. x boxes. n.

The Cave (2)

> x wall. x boxes.

> x oblong box. look in it. x humunculus. take it.

The Lounge

> open cabinet. take vodka. open it. drink vodka.