Key & Compass presents:
Advent Mirror
by Andrew Plotkin

Advent Mirror is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2022 by Andrew Plotkin. It was an entry in the Confounding Calendar 2022.

In this sequel to Advent Door, you are once again a Traveller in the City of Doors. Where has the portal taken you? Featuring a very interesting and tall mirror.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: The home, standard view

Closet(verso) TrophyRoom(verso) Tea Room(verso) ClockChamber(verso) Library(verso) Kitchen(verso) Wine Nook(verso) Closet TrophyRoom Tea Room ClockChamber Library Kitchen Wine Nook

Map 2: Your pathway through the home

ClockChamber ClockChamber(verso) Library(verso) Kitchen(verso) Wine Nook(verso) Wine Nook Kitchen Library ClockChamber ClockChamber(verso) Tea Room TrophyRoom TrophyRoom(verso) Tea Room(verso) Closet Tea Room Windscor Closet(verso) Library TrophyRoom(verso) drop ball drop vase



> x rock. x vase. x silk. x wind.

> take silk. (no: would destroy the vase)

> take vase. (The silk flies away.)

> drop vase. (The world shatters. You're now in a...)


> x shelves. climb shelves. (no)

> x mud. x oak door. ("R" on keyhole)

> open oak. (locked)

> x trap door. (out of reach)

> n.

Tea Room

> x crockery. x wallpaper. x table.

> x door. open door. (locked)

> x mirror. (It reflects you in a different room.)

> touch mirror. (The glass is permeable?)

> enter mirror.

Tea Room (verso)

> x mirror. x frame. (mirror can be pulled out of its frame)

> x crates. x mugs. x bricks.

> w.

Trophy Room (verso)

> x walls. x maple door. (reversed "R")

> open maple door. (locked)

> x birch door. open it. (no: bolted on other side)

Go back for the mirror:

> e.

Tea Room (verso)

> take mirror. x mirror. w.

Trophy Room (verso)

> put mirror in frame. x mirror. enter mirror.

Trophy Room

> x plaques. x marqueted door. ("R")

> touch it. open it. (locked)

> take mirror.

> s.


> put mirror in frame. s.

Closet (verso)

> x key. ("R") take it.

> unlock birch door. (you unbolt it)

> s.

Trophy Room (verso)

> unlock maple. (The key doesn't fit.)

Figures. In a verso room, you need a verso key, yes?

> n.

Closet (verso)

> put key in mirror. throw key at mirror. (neither works)

> n. n.

Trophy Room

> unlock marqueted. w. n.


> unlock oak. e.

Clock Chamber

> x clock. (ruined, at 2:20)

> x plywood. open it. (bolted on other side)

> w. s. e. s.


> take mirror. n. w. n. e.

Clock Chamber

> put mirror in frame. e.

Clock Chamber (verso)

> x clock. (also at 2:20)

> n.

Kitchen (verso)

> x tiles. x corner.

> x door. open it. e.

Wine Nook (verso)

After you enter, the door slams shut and is now bolted.

> x racks. x sphere. touch sphere.

> enter sphere. (can't: it's solid)

> take it. (light and fragile)

> drop it. (It shatters and the world inverts to...)

Wine Nook

Oddly, you still have the glass sphere. Note that not only have you gone from verso to non-verso, this time you've mirrored both the north-south and east-west axes, not just one of them.

> x broken glass. e.


> x fireplace. x tiles.

> open door. (You unbolt it.)

> n.

Clock Chamber

> x oak. (mirror-reversed "R")

Aha. All the doors' keyholes are now the mirrored versions of themselves. That means your key should now work in the verso rooms.

> e.

Clock Chamber (verso)

> unlock maple with key. unlock oak with key.

> e.

Library (verso)

> x beams. x carpet. move it. (can't)

> climb beams. (no: not enough to climb)

> w.

Clock Chamber (verso)

> take mirror. e.

Library (verso)

> put mirror on carpet. x mirror.

> d.

You fall through the trap-door below you and leave this place.

*** Onward ***




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