Zork Grand Inquisitor - Solution


The Grand Inquisitor of Zork has taken total control of the Great Underground Empire and has banished magic from the realm. Anyone caught in violation of his many edicts will be totemized – a very bad thing, indeed. Of course, it’s up to you to stop him.

You begin as a humble Permasuck machine salesman on the outskirts of Port Foozle. You are carrying a Permasuck machine.

Port Foozle

In a clearing just outside the town is a signpost pointing to “Port Foozle” and “Elsewhere”. Follow the sign into the town. The voice of the Grand Inquistor fills the air, detailing his many edicts.

At the fish market stall, you must turn up the loudspeaker (push the green button) so that the fishwife can’t hear the alarm when you take the can of beer and plastic six-can holder from the stall. Note: Make your grab when the loudspeaker is actually saying something. You may turn down the speaker to normal afterwards. Note the blue glow towards the pier.

On the pier, hang the plastic holder from the hook, and push the lever to lower it. It will convince the mythical goatfish to go away, and a wooden box will be lifted and deposited on the pier, which opens, revealing a lantern. Take the lantern.

Across from the fish stall is a building with a sign: “Lanterns Repaired”. Knock on the door and Antharia Jack will let you in if you have the lantern. He will bang it about for a bit, turning it on and revealing that it is clearly magical. When he briefly leaves you, take a self-lighting cigar from his cigar box. He will then escort you out, without the lantern. (If for some reason you miss getting the cigar, knock on Jack’s door again and he’ll give it to you.)

No other buildings in town will let you in, but at the far end of the street are some inflammatory dolls in the likeness of the Grand Inquisitor. A nearby sign notes that Antharia Jack is a local fire marshal, and there is also a large open barrel nearby that you can hide in. Light the doll with the cigar, and hide in the barrel. Jack will come to put out the fire and will be arrested by the inquisitor’s guards.

Jack’s home is now open. Take the lantern.

Return to the signpost and head down an unmarked path to a fenced off building. A large sign with a counter showing how many people have been totemized is to the left. To the left of it is a noose. Take the rope.

Return to the signpost and head down the “Elsewhere” path to a well. Tie the rope to the upper struts and climb down. During the climb down, the spirit in the lantern feels safe enough in the underground to introduce himself to you – he is Dalboz of Gurth, the Dungeon Master of Zork, the third to hold that position. When you reach the well bottom, Dalboz summons the enchantress Y’Gael, who gifts you with a spell book. There are three spells in it, VOXAM (separate the energies of different magics), REZROV (open locked or enchanted doors), and IGRAM (turn purple things invisible). The spell book is auto-gnustoing: spells on any new scrolls that you find will be automatically added to your spell book.


Don’t climb back up the well, or a guard will catch you.

At the bottom of the well, look down and take a subway token from a bucket on the ground. Cast Rezrov on the door to magically open the locked door. Entering, you discover that the staircase railing is a dragon, and his tail quickly carries you to the Underground area.

On the wall is a case labeled, “In Case of Adventure, Break Glass”. Click on the right side of the case to open it, and take the hammer. Close the case, and break the glass with the hammer. Now you can take the map and elvish sword.

An umbrella tree stands to the east. Cast Igram to turn its purple blossoms invisible. You can see a scroll in one of the blossoms, but you can’t retrieve it yet.

Take the totem lying on the western path. This is the first totem of three. This totem contains the essence of a cowardly dragon called Griff.

Head west to the crossroads. Further west is GUE Tech. To the south is the Dungeon Master’s Lair. To the north (over a pair of wooden bridges) is the entrance to the Underground Subway.

Between the bridges is a teleport machine. For every teleport machine that you find, its location will be added to your map. When you want to travel quickly between locations that you’ve already visited, put the map in a teleport machine and push the buttons to cycle through the choices. Step back to regain your map and find yourself at the new location.

Dungeon Master’s Lair – Garden

Use the sword to cut through the overgrowth blocking the entrance.

At the tool shed, open it and take the spade and the scroll containing the THROCK spell (cause vegetation to grow).

Explore the garden further, noting the snapdragon, the hive of quelbees, Harry (the door who won’t let you in), and a teleport machine in the back yard. Also note, at the side of the house, there is a plant that looks like a mushroom.

GUE Tech – Outside

Rezrov the door (“In Magic We Trust”) from the crossroads to open it.

Before you can reach GUE Tech, you must pass over three bottomless pits. A sign tells you to “Please Don’t THROCK the Grass” — if you do, the grass will become carnivorous and you’ll die! Each pit has a puzzle cylinder beside it. Rotate the three disks on each cylinder until you get a complete image (this shouldn’t be difficult). The first pit is filled by its cylinder. The second pit is filled with earth. But when you solve the third cylinder, it displays a window into GUE Tech. Enter the window; the third pit stays.

Because you were walking towards a fountain, and see a fountain on entering the building, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that there’s only one fountain. But this is a second fountain. Exit via the front doors to get to the far side of the last pit. Turn around, walk back up the stairs to the first fountain. A teleport machine is to the left. A mound of dirt is to the right. Dig in the dirt with the spade to find the KENDALL spell (simplify instructions). To get back in the building, enter via the puzzle cylinder.

GUE Tech – Inside

To the left of the fountain is a bulletin board and several vending machines. On the far side of the fountain is an infinite corridor.

If you enter too far into the infinite corridor, you’ll be trapped. Look above the entrance to the infinite corridor to see the words “Infinite Corridor” in purple. Cast Igram on the word “Infinite” to turn the corridor into a normal one. Enter the corridor while it’s short to keep it short. The short corridor leads to an intersection of three other short corridors, a door with a card reader beside it, and a set of twelve lockers.

Each of the four corridors has a painting and a door. Click on the portraits of Belboz, a coconut, a cube, and a skull to learn that you must find these last three items to restore magic to the realm. The Coconut of Quendor holds High Magic. The Cube of Foundation holds Middle Magic. The Skull of Yoruk holds Deep Magic. Belboz’s recording tells you to use the time tunnels; that’s what they were built for.

The bulletin board tells you that Mir Yannick (who’s now the Grand Inquisitor) was a failed student here, and that mixing cola and Zork Rocks is explosive. There’s also a note that there won’t be locker access until the candy machine is restocked. This is a clue that the candy machine and lockers are linked.

To return to the Crossroads, exit GUE Tech via the window.

Underground Subway – Crossroads

Put the subway token in the slot to enter the turnstile. Once you’ve entered the subway, you won’t need another token to revisit.

A red sign at the far side invites you to visit Hades and play Old Scratch to win 500 zorkmids.

A panel on the wall is a complicated mess of buttons and lines. Cast Kendall on the panel to simplify it. Push a button to pick a location, then stand on the platform beside the track. A subway car will zoom by, grabbing you with a cartoon-like hand. This hand will deposit you at your chosen destination. You can’t do anything in the subway car itself.

(Note, if you want to return to the Crossroads, push the escalator button.)

Underground Subway – Hades

At one end of the station is a skeleton reading a book. Another book is on the bench. Examine the books. In his hand, take the Old Scratch ticket.

Examine the ticket in your inventory to play Old Scratch. The ticket displays a tiled maze where the tiles have been rotated. Click the correct tiles to connect a path from the start tile to the moneybag in the middle (again this shouldn’t be difficult, but save first.). When you win, you get a 500 zorkmid bill. (And keep your soul.)

Past the skeleton is a tunnel to a river with an old dock. To one side is a teleport machine; to another is a red telephone. Use the teleport machine to return to GUE Tech.

GUE Tech – Inside

Between the vending machines is a change machine. Put the zorkmid bill into it and get a bag of zorkmids. Click on the bag inside your inventory to retrieve one coin at a time.

Put a coin in the frozen foods machine and open the third door (“sandwitch”) to find a OBIDIL scroll wrapped around the confection (which melts away). Because the scroll is damp, you can’t use it until it’s been fed into a spellchecker.

Put a coin into the candy machine and push 8 to move the Zork Rocks forward — but they don’t fall. (A distant creak is the sound of the corresponding locker opening. Locker 8 is now open.) Examine the bottom of the candy machine and attach the permasuck machine to it. Turn on the permasuck to suck the Zork Rocks into the permasuck machine. Open the permasuck and take the Zork Rocks. The permasuck is now permanently attached to the candy machine.

Locker 8 only has a book on how to win at Double Fannucci. You may cast Kendall on it to read that the only way to win is to not play.

By inserting another coin into the candy machine and pushing another button, you can open another locker. Only one locker can be open at a time; when one locker opens, any other open locker closes. All the lockers but the sixth one may be opened one at a time via the candy machine. Most of them are empty.

Locker 11 was Mir Yannick’s. Take the ProZork tablet. Three books can also be read. The most important is the Better Spell Casting book which describes how to imprint a spell using five of the six imprinting tables. Cast Kendall on the instructions to read that the Beburtt spell uses (in this order): Origination, Modification, Replication, Interpretation, and Transmogrification.

Button 6 is missing on the candy machine, which means you must open locker 6 in a different way. Note that putting a coin into the pop machine and pushing a button dispenses liquid, but no cup.

To open locker 6, put the Zork Rocks in the pop machine’s dispenser area. Put in a coin and push the second button to bathe it in cola. The Zork Rocks are now dangerously explosive! (You cannot leave the building while the Zork Rocks are unstable.) Slip the Zork Rocks into locker 6 (via the grating), and the explosion will merely blast off its door instead of killing you. Take the ID card.

Turn around and step up to the door at the intersection. Slide the ID card through the reader and the doors to the Spell Lab will open.

Spell Lab

A chasm separates you from the Spell Lab proper. On this side is a teleport machine, and a sign informs you that an invisible six-armed monster guards the bridge. Indeed, the over the wooden bridge are six swords waving at you in mid-air. Battling the monster is pointless; just walk up to the bridge, and cut the bridge’s rope with your sword. The wooden bridge, the invisible monster, and his six swords fall to their doom. Use the teleport machine to go to Hades Station, and from there, take the subway to Flood Control Dam #3 Station.

Underground Subway – Flood Control Dam #3

When you have a coin, put it in the letter opener maker to get a letter opener.

Further along, a sewer grate is covered with moss. Throck the moss to get a decent handful and take the moss.

At the far end are the dam controls and a book. Open the book to find the GOLGATEM spell (create a bridge over a body of water). The book itself is about the dam. Closing all four gates will cause the dam to burst. The dam provides power to Port Foozle.

Each of the four dam control buttons operates two of the four gates, opening a gate if closed, or closing a gate if opened. Since an odd number of gates are closed, you’ll never close all the gates by using only the buttons. Rezrov just one of the closed gates. Now you can easily close all the gates with the buttons. This will burst the dam, and cut off the power to Port Foozle, saving Jack from totemization.

Spell Lab

Since the chasm contains water, you can cast Golgatem to create a new stone bridge across.

The lab contains the six imprinting tables and spellchecker described in the Better Spell Casting book from Mir Yannick’s locker. Take a blank scroll from the box between the Replication table and the chasm.

Put the blank scroll on the tables as described for the Beburtt spell: Origination, Modification, Replication, Interpretation, and Transmogrification. Leave the Elucidation table alone. Put the scroll into the spellchecker to get the BEBURTT spell (create the illusion of inclement weather).

Put the Obidil scroll in the spellchecker to dry it out, and get the OBIDIL spell (make caster more attractive to other creatures).


Return to the umbrella plants back near the well bottom, and cast Beburtt. The umbrellas open, thinking that it’s raining, and one blossom drops the ZIMBOR scroll (triplicate quantity of intoxicating beverages). Take the scroll.

Dungeon Master’s Lair – Garden

Give the ProZork tablet that you found in Yannick’s locker to the snapdragon (it needs to take a ‘chill pill’). Cut the now sleeping snapdragon it with your sword, taking the snapdragon head.

The house won’t let you in until you give it a smoke and a drink. Put the cigar in the ashtray to your left. The door will take it, and smoke it, and then the top half of the door will open. Pour the beer into the basin to your right, then use the ZIMDOR scroll (from the umbrella tree) on it to triplicate its volume. The door will pick up the basin and drink the beer, and open the lower half of the door.

Behind the house is an immature spring plant, which looks like a mushroom. Cast Throck on the plant to mature it. Put the sleeping snapdragon head on the plant, then hit the plant with your hammer. The snapdragon will bounce up to a window ledge and retrieve a piece of torn scroll. (One of the books inside the house will clue you in on doing this. And actually, it’s more cool to put the snapdragon on the spring plant first, and then throck the spring plant.)

Dungeon Master’s Lair – Inside House

The first room contains lots of stuff. Directly ahead is a telephone and window blinds. Peek through the blinds to see a walking castle stomping around the other side of a pond. The castle’s name is Hugh, and he’s shy. (Delboz tells you this, and a book in this room elaborates on it.) Cast Obidil at him and he’ll walk through the pond to you, opening his drawbridge. You can now walk into the castle.

Inside the castle is Hugh’s heart, and on the heart is a NARWILE spell (activate time tunnel). There are also three important-looking, yet empty receptacles here.

The telephone has three flower controls to replay the recorded messages. The first message, regarding a recipe for cocoa is important. The ingredients are Flatheadia fudge, quelbee honey, hungus lard, “hotbugs”, and Moss of Mareilon.

Going counterclockwise from the window blinds is a set of shelves. Concentrate on the right end and take a bottle of hotbugs and a stick of smelly hungus lard. A book shows a picture of the chia-processor and a red and yellow cocoa mug. Lower down on a tree stump is a piece of Flatheadia fudge.

You should have the moss by now (from Flood Control Dam #3 Station). To get the quelbee honey, save your game, go to the hive and put the smelly hungus lard stick in it. The bees flee, but work quickly — or the bees will sting you! Take the lard, then slash the hive with the sword, then take the honeycomb and get away from the hive!

A chia-processor sits in one corner, and a cup plant grows beside it. Take a red-and-yellow cup. Put the cup, fudge, honeycomb, lard, hotbugs, and moss into the processor, and it’ll make a cup of cocoa. What’s important, though, is that the unique smell of the stuff makes Delboz remember the YASTARD spell (send spirit through time). You can still drink the cocoa, if you wish.

Finally, several books in this room can be read. One includes a diagram of the business with the snapdragon.

The next room is a bedroom. A diary on the bed reveals that Delboz tried to kill himself during the time of no magic.

Take the second piece of torn scroll from the window ledge. In your inventory, if you try to fit the two pieces together, you’ll discover that it’s the Snavig spell, but reflected backwards somehow.

A mirror can also be entered, to enter a secret “mirror room”.

The mirror room is a mirror image of the bedroom. The game’s pan controls work backwards, and the zoom in and out controls are reversed. The bed has a mirror image diary. The bureau here doesn’t open, and it’s this window’s ledge that the snapdragon jumped to. Only here in this room are you able to rejoin the two pieces of the torn scroll together into the SNAVIG scroll. Once rejoined, the scroll stays un-reversed.

Open the tall bureau to reveal a closed time tunnel. Cast Nerwhil on the tunnel to open it. Cast Yastard on Griff’s token in your inventory to travel in spirit — as Griff — to the site of the White House.

White House – as Griff

Griff cannot pull the boards off the front door, nor take either torch. But he can open the mailbox and take the envelope (pre-addressed to 666 Hades Proper). On another side of the house, take the GLORF scroll. Put the scroll in the envelope. Put the sealed envelope in the mailbox. Close the mailbox. Lift the red flag on the mailbox. Return via the time tunnel at the side of the house.

Spell Lab

Use the DM’s teleport machine to zip over here. Put the torn scroll in the spellchecker, and get the SNAVIG spell (change shape to that of target creature). Use the teleport machine to go to Hades Station.

Underground Subway – Hades

Pick up the telephone to summon Charon to ferry you across the river. The instructions are deliberately confusing. In part they are:

To skip these instructions, press 4.

To hear the list of questions, press 1.

Press 7 to press 3.

To press 1, press 8.

To press 6, press 2.

Press 5 to press 7.

To hear the answers, press 6.

Press 0 to press [star].

To hear the instructions backwards, press 9.

Press [star] to press 0.

Press 3 if you really want to.

For example, to hear the answers, you really press 2, not 6. The answers are:

Press 1 for “yes”

Press 3 for “rather stinky”

Press 6 for “no”

Press 9 for “a great deal of cheese”

Press [star] for “what is all this?, etc.”

To start the list of questions, press 8. (ie: press 8 for 1; press 1 for list)

“Are you currently living?” Press 2. (ie: press 2 for 6, press 6 for “no”)

“...dead within last 10 days?” Press 8. (ie: press 8 for 1; press 1 for “yes”)

“What was eaten...?” Press 9. (ie: press 9 for “cheese”)

“What was said...?” Press 5. (ie: press 5 for 7; 7 for 3; 3 for “rather stinky”)

If you goof, you can always hang up and try again. Once Charon has arrived, you needn’t use the telephone again, but you’ll need to give Charon two zorkmid coins for each time he ferries you across to the gates of Hades. (Note: it’s also possible to use the KENDALL spell on the phone to simplify this puzzle!)


Ignore the two-headed monster at first. Open the “666” mailbox and take the envelope. Open the envelope with the letter opener and get the GLORF spell (untie knots).

Go back to Charon and cast Snavig on Charon to mimic him. Approach the two-headed monster and click on Charon’s timecard (bottom left card). This opens the gates and you may enter. Pick up Brog’s totem; Brog is a rather dim-but-strong brogmoid. The only other thing here is a closed time tunnel. Narwile it open. Then cast Yastard on Griff’s totem to travel to the Sea Monster.

Sea Monster – as Griff

(Hints to all this were in the messages on the DM’s phone, and in the book beside the skeleton at Hades Station.)

The sea monster is half-submerged in the water, and you start at one of his feet. Fly to his other foot and pull the far talon to raise up more of his body.

Fly to the middle section and take two inflatable objects from a box.

Fly to a “hand” where a skeleton holds an air pump. Take the air pump.

Fly to the head, and put an inflatable object in each nostril. Pump up each with the air pump. The monster will rear up and open his mouth. Enter his mouth.

Inside, you can look up and see that the red object is a raft, and the blue object is a “policeman”. You hear someone call “Hello?” at you. Take the gold old tooth. In the back of the throat, take the Coconut of Quendor. The unseen man will throw a rope to you. Take the rope.

Fly outside the mouth and tie the rope to both inflatable objects.

Fly inside, and put the coconut in the raft. Then pop the inflatable sea captain with the tooth. Fly outside the mouth — quick!

Spot the raft, and take the coconut from it. Hugh the Castle rises from the ocean depths and you enter him. Put the coconut in its receptacle and exit via the time tunnel back to Hades.


A surprise — Charon won’t ferry you back once you’ve been through the gates of Hell. (If you haven’t opened the gates, just give Charon two more coins.) He will make an exception for temp workers, so Snavig the two-headed monster and travel back as it/them. When you’re in the shape of the monster, you don’t have to pay.

Use the teleport machine from Hades Station to get back to the Dungeon Master’s Lair quickly.

White House – as Brog

Revisit the White House via the time tunnel from the Dungeon Master’s bedroom, but this time as Brog. (Cast Yastard on Brog’s totem.) Brog is short, dumb, and stupid. Brog can’t reach the mailbox, but he can take the boards off the front door. Brog keeps a plank of wood. Also take the Bickering Torch and the Flickering Torch (although only one is useful).

Enter the house. You need the torch light to see, but one will go out. There is a thing on the ground — a mini campfire? — that you can light with one of the torches.

Go down the stairs. You can on one side of a chasm. A nest of grue eggs is here. So is a pile of rocks. Take a grue egg. Brog will just eat any rocks you take.

Go upstairs and light the mini campfire, then put an egg in it and wait a bit — the egg will turn into gold! Take the golden egg. Go back down and throw the golden egg across the chasm at the most interesting area. A stalactite will break away, and light will appear to spotlight mesas, which Brog can jump to.

Jumping the mesas leads to a strange device — a trio of chess boards attached to a cage containing the Skull of Yoruk. There’s no way Brog can solve a chess problem, so simply wrench the cage open with the plank of wood. Take the Skull of Yoruk. Again, Hugh the Castle appears. Put the skull in its receptacle and exit via the time tunnel.

Bottom of Well

Yes, go back to the bottom of the well. Look up. Cast Glorf on the rope to regain the rope.

Underground Subway – Monastery

The escalator is blocked with rubble. The only way to proceed is up through an overhead grate, but it’s out of reach. Tie the rope to your sword (do this inside your inventory). Throw the sword-on-a-rope at the grate and climb up into the Monastery. The sword and rope can be separated, again, inside your inventory, but it’s not necessary.


This is where the totemizer is! And somehow, power has been restored. The first set of controls sets a destination. Choose the first, “To Hall of Inquisition”. Also at this end of the thing is a bottle of Permaseal and a yellow light beside it.

The middle of the device has three wheel controls. Turn the third so the light above it goes off. The light by the Permaseal should now be purple.

A sign on the wall describes the totemization process: Poundization, Squishization, Stampization, and Permasealization. It’s the permaseal that makes the totems permanent.

Finally, a ominous switch. Push it to enter the dread totemizer! If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll be totemized — but only long enough to get to the Hall of the Inquisition, which is just next door. If you left the permaseal on, you’ll stay a totem forever.

You are now in a museum. Four displays depict the closing of the time tunnels, the Flatheadia fudge fiasco, the Endless Fire, and the Alchemical Debacle. One set of doors leads back to the totemizer; another set leads outside. In a bin beside one set of doors is Lucy Flathead’s totem. Take Lucy’s totem.

Outside is a sign depicting radio messages using only three symbols. Opposite is a ZT&T box; push the button to open it and reveal three hammers. The same three symbols are above the hammers. Take the middle hammer, and the only message that can be sent is to tell the guards to take the night off. Leave the other hammers alone.

Back inside, go to the Closing of the Time Tunnels display, and toggle the lever forward by two notches, then press the button to have the model whack its tiny mallet super quick — its tiny mallet breaks off. Replace the mallet with the hammer from the ZT&T box, and push the button again. This time, the boards break away, and a second time tunnel is revealed.

Nerwhil the time tunnel to open it. Then Yastard Lucy’s totem to travel in spirit — as Lucy — to an earlier era of Port Foozle.

Port Foozle’s Past – as Lucy Flathead

There’s nowhere to go but into the tavern that will one day be Antharia Jack’s place — the sign says “Ladies Night". Note that Lucy is telepathic, and can read the thoughts of people. A fly buzzes around one end of the room. One table is a game machine that uses four cards — if you win, you become a “high roller”. Further back is a door “for high rollers only”.

Take the cards. Swat the fly with the four-spotted card, making it a five-spotted card. Put the cards into the table to read 5 ÷ 1 − 3 = 2. You will be escorted into the back room to play a game of Strip Grue-Fire-Water with Antharia Jack. Fire beats Grue, Grue beats Water, and Water beats Fire. Simply read Jack’s mind to learn what he intends to play, then play appropriately. But when he’s down to his underwear and loses, he offers you the Cube of Foundation instead. Take it. Hugh, the walking castle, makes a sudden appearance, and you enter him. Put the cube in its receptacle and exit via the time tunnel back to the museum.

Prison Cell

When you emerge from the time tunnels for the last time, the Grand Inquisitor and his guard are there to arrest you. You are stripped of all your possessions except the letter opener, and placed in a prison cell. Take the poster on the wall.

You can hear Jack’s voice from the grate. Unscrew the grate at the bottom right corner with the letter opener. Jack will drop a scroll into the grate (you might have to hit the vent a few times to prompt him). Take the LEXDOM scroll (create lock and key).

Cast the scroll on the door. Put the poster under the door. Push the key out of the lock with the letter opener. Pull back the poster and take the key. Put the key in the lock and open the door.

Fortunately, you earlier (via the ZT&T box) gave the guards the night off, so you can wander the corridor a bit. The cameras are labeled 43-39 and 43-38, so you know you are in block 43.

A control panel, TV monitor, and complex map of the prison are here at one end of the corridor. Watch the monitor to see that Jack is in block 31. The controls here open and unlock doors; select a door and push the big button — a green light means an open door; red, closed. Your cell is 43BA. Jack’s cell is 31AB. Save your game. Select 31AB and push the big button to open Jack’s cell. He’ll escape, bring your stuff to you, and you’ll both escape the prison via Hugh the Castle.

Radio Tower Finale

Hugh walks you to Flathead Mesa. The Grand Inquisitor is unveiling his latest creation, Inquisivision, which will use a massive radio tower to broadcast his mania like never before. From a TV screen, Y’Gael appears to you and Jack, and gifts you a BOOZNIK scroll that you’ll need to defeat the Grand Inquisitor. Jack’s afraid of heights, so, you’re on your own again.

The Booznik spell will reverse all the spells in your spell book. Go ahead and cast it on your spell book. Enter Hugh the Castle, and take the coconut, cube and skull.

The tower is crackling with rogue electricity, and a tent full of guardsmen is beside it. Cast Vorzer on the tent to seal it shut. Then cast Margi on the crackling area in front of the tower to reveal a purple electric fence that was previously invisible. Step back and unplug it. Slash open the fence with your sword.

Put the skull in the receptacle in the base of the tower. Climb up.

Put the cube in the receptacle in the middle of the tower. Climb up.

Put the coconut in one of the semi-circular dishes at the top of the tower. This is unbalanced, so Delboz suggests you put his lantern in the second dish. Do it.

The Grand Inquisitor’s voice starts getting too loud to concentrate, so look up and cut the wire with the sword, shutting off the noise. This is when Jack points out to Mir that someone’s on his tower, and the Grand Inquisitor promptly starts climbing the tower.

You have just enough time to cast Maxov (combine different magics) on the coconut before Mir can reach the coconut and you. Magic explodes in a wave, causing the destruction of the tower and freeing everyone from their totems. Everyone falls towards the ground, but Jack catches Lucy, Griff catches you, Brog lands safely on his head, and the Grand Inquisitor — well, no one caught him. Delboz’s fate is unknown, but before the explosion he said that he’d drop you a line from the Elemental Plane of Atrii.

Lucy Flathead becomes the new ruler of Zork, ending the inquisition and magic ban. And it looks like she and Jack will be together for a while longer. You are named the fourth Dungeon Master.


Spell Summary

High Magic Spells

VOXAM – separate the energies of different magics

GOLGATEM – create a bridge over a body of water

OBIDIL – make caster more attractive to other creatures

BEBURTT – create the illusion of inclement weather

Middle Magic Spells

REZROV – open locked or enchanted doors

KENDALL – simplify instructions

NARWILE – activate time tunnel

YASTARD – send spirit through time

Deep Magic Spells

IGRAM – turn purple things invisible

THROCK – cause vegetation to grow

SNAVIG – change shape to that of target creature

GLORF – untie knots


ZIMDOR – triplicate quantity of intoxicating beverages

LEXDOM – create lock and key

BOOZNIK – reverse spells in spellbook

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