Dave Needs an IF Collaboration Partner

I want to get back to writing IF stories. I have several stories in the works, one in particular is relatively far along. I have limited time to devote to writing and programming though, so I’m looking for a collaboration partner. No set agenda or story. No delineation of tasks. Just someone to talk through ideas, then execute ideas into stories.

It’d be great if this person was in the Chicago area for face to face time, but video conferencing is effective as well. I travel to the Boston (Hooksett/NH) area regularly for work, so meeting around there is definitely a possibility.

I prefer old school parser stories and my ideas tend to be complex and include alternate user interface ideas, but not always. I would like to develop a solid medium-sized story in fyrevm-web at some point, so having someone with strong web skills would be a huge plus. This is more of a want though, not a need.

If you’re interested, direct message me on twitter.

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