Like All Things Devours from 2004, this is an original and inventive spin on the time travel puzzle. It's solidly implemented and fun to experiment with for a while, and that's got to be worth something. Nevertheless, I eventually lost interest and turned to the walkthrough.

What has All Things Devours got that Moebius hasn't? For one, it has more variety and depth of interaction. The puzzle in ATD has more diverse elements, makes me move around a bit, keeps surprising me right up to the end. Moebius, in contrast, is essentially a one-room game, and its puzzle is by nature fairly repetitive -- I have to do the same thing twice in two different ways. (And I think the rod/cone thing is a bit of a cheat -- it's not obvious that they both have the same function.) Long before I finish the puzzle, I feel I have already discovered everything about the world; completing the game is a matter of fiddly time-management.

The writing in Moebius is also a let-down. I realise the author wanted to contrast the fun of the puzzle with the humdrum routine of the PC's life, but still I think the dreariness of the opening locations is a mistake. If the first room "barely merits description", then don't describe it. Put me somewhere that does merit description -- otherwise I might think your game barely merits playing. After being bored by the first few rooms, I almost missed what turned out to be a quite interesting game.

Rating: 5

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