A very good competition this year, I think. For the first time in a while, the games I feel like writing about at length are actually games I liked. In fact, I find myself rather dewey-eyed and sentimental about the whole thing. Even on a bad year I get excited about this yearly festival of IF, but years like this remind me how lucky we are to have it, and what a great job the organisers do in bringing us the comp year after year. So congratulations all round!

This year I had the added pleasure of experiencing the games on my shiny new MacBook. Isn't Spatterlight just brilliant? I already can't imagine playing IF any other way.

Anyway, on with the reviews. Spoilers aplenty here.

Delightful Wallpaper (10)
The Elysium Enigma (9)
Floatpoint (8)
The Primrose Path (6)
Moebius (5)
Moon-Shaped (2)
Pathfinder (2)
Requiem (2)
The Rest (1-4)