"A canonical classic."
-- Emily Short

"As a story, it's a huge success. The plot is just perfect... and the characterization is top-notch.... As fiction goes, RAMESES is first-rate."
-- Adam Cadre

"Oh, I am made happy. Happiness is occurring to me.... This, oh my children, is what it's like for characters to come alive."
-- Andrew Plotkin

Rameses is entirely puzzleless and suitable for beginners. It was my entry in the 6th Annual IF Competition, in which it came 13th out of 53 entries. It subsequently generated a bit of a buzz, and was nominated for 6 XYZZY Awards, winning the award for Best Player Character.

NEW: Play Rameses online.

You can download a zcode version of Rameses here. (Or here if you want the version without metadata.)

You can download an MS-DOS executable of Rameses here.

First released in October 2000. Latest release: version 3 (30/10/2006).

The Cabal

"Nobody is allowed to download this (excellent) work.
It must NOT be played.
In fact, it doesn't even exist.
Neither do we."

-- The Cabal

"A hilarious and highly polished game, one that should be played by anybody who has more than a passing interest in interactive fiction."
--Greg Boettcher

"*Thank you*.... My years of strife have not been in vain.
P.S. Your hamster will be arriving shortly, via FedEx."

-- Adam Thornton

The Cabal is the true story of the secret group which runs the IF community. As such, you probably need to have at least a passing familiarity with the IF newsgroups to get the most out of it. There are only a few puzzles, all very easy.

NEW: Play The Cabal online.

You can download a zcode version of The Cabal here.

I've also written some notes on writing The Cabal.

First released in April 2004.

For the links to online play, thanks to Atul Varma, Danii and co. for the excellent Parchment interpreter.

To run the zcode files, you need to download an interpreter. For Windows and Unix machines, I recommend Gargoyle. For the Mac, I recommend Spatterlight. Other interpreters can be downloaded from the IF Archive (from here, for example).